Hamilton urges Red Bull

The Briton wants to race against Verstappen and not win unopposed: "I understand that they are not entertaining races, I have also been a fan."


Lewis Hamilton, solid leader of the World Cup (47 points ahead of Verstappen and 49 over Bottas), is well aware that his victories in Spain and Belgium were not popular. The Briton has no competition because his Mercedes partner does not overshadow him and the Red Bull is still too far from the German cars. There are ten races left in 2020, not even the halfway point of the season has been reached, but the dominance of the champions is a threat to the show.

That is why the so-called 'party mode' will be eliminated, to limit its superiority on Saturdays, and it cannot be ruled out that the FIA is studying the introduction of softer tire ranges to favor multi-stop strategies. The Brit has no recipe but appreciates the problem: "I can't speak for the fans but I have been too and I have lived through different eras, like Schumacher's. I know what it is, as soon as the race starts or a highlight, you know that I don't make a lot of mistakes and the rest of the drivers are just as consistent. It's very difficult to overtake and I can imagine it's not the most exciting race. " "I would love to have a real race and I have had many in the past that were more open, trying to follow a Ferrari when they had so much extra power. I hope that in the next races it is like that. I think Red Bull has improved and I hope we can have it. more races because people want to see us fight together, "he says.

"I understand that many people see the start and then come back to see the end. Or that they go directly to the summaries, which are shorter. But people must understand that it is not our fault, we are pilots who fight for the position that We have, we come here every week and we give our best. The ones who make decisions about the design of the cars and set standards, and those things, are the ones who should be pressured to do a better job, if possible. " , says Lewis, who points to the rule change: "I hope it will be like that from 2022 with the new cars, maybe we will see another type of competition" .

Wolff: "I understand the fans"

Toto Wolff, team boss, about this: "I understand the fans, there are races that are not very entertaining and others that are. It is very easy to say that there are good football matches and bad, but no one wants to see a team slip away with the championship. Actually there is more drama behind the cameras, there are engines failing in the power banks or work to bring improvements to the circuit at the last minute, even in Belgium it was difficult go all the way on the tires. It would be good for the fans to feel those communications, for all of us to be more open. Maybe that would help the entertainment. "

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