Hamilton rivals only Schumacher

"For a long time, but this year even more, the Briton does not compete against a rival on the track, but against a rival in history."


Friday, September 25, was a special date, worth remembering, because it marked the 15th anniversary of Fernando Alonso's first world title in Formula 1, a milestone that seemed unattainable for Spanish sport. In the premier category of motorsport, others always won, until the Asturian broke records at the accelerator. The first Spanish pole, the first grand prix, podiums regularly ... until he won the World Championship. Historical. This week has transported us to those victorious years of Alonso thanks to the anniversary, and also to the promotion and premiere of the documentary 'Fernando' on Amazon, which has allowed us to review his career and his future ... because there is still a future, linked to Renault that crowned twice.

We were in those memories when the weekend arrived and we woke up to the reality of F1, which engraves another name in gold letters: Lewis Hamilton. The Briton took pole position again at the Russian GP, although this time with intrigue, and will set out in search of a prestigious record: the 91 victories of Michael Schumacher. For a long time, but this year even more, Hamilton does not compete against a rival on the track, but against a rival in history. Sebastian Vettel is lost in Ferrari, Max Verstappen cannot squeeze him with his Red Bull, Valtteri Bottas does not have the level of Nico Rosberg to fight from within, Fernando Alonso has not been around for years ... Only Mercedes himself, so superior, overshadows the merits of Hamilton himself. A paradox. The only pulse of the Englishman is with Schumacher, who already surpassed the podium record on August 16 at the Spanish GP, with 156, which is already 158. Today he can also equal the top of victories. And on the horizon appears the biggest prize: seven World Cups. The same as the Kaiser. That is reality.

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