Hamilton coughs Schumacher

The Briton may reach the Kaiser's record for victories in Sochi. "I am just a link in the chain," he says. Bottas, comfortable in Russia.


Toto Wolff argues that he is tired of answering how Lewis Hamilton has found perfection and lifts, metaphorically, the seams of modern Formula 1. The 2020 World Cup is progressing successfully, the season could well be canceled due to the pandemic, but the main story has written the outcome for months and all roads lead to the coronation of Hamilton at the end of the year, reaching the seven titles of Michael Schumacher. The Briton has 55 points of advantage over Bottas and 80 over Verstappen. There are six triumphs in nine grand prizes, 66%, and an income that would allow him to fail two Sundays without losses to regret.

At Mugello he reached 90 victories in F1 and has only one left to match the Kaiser in this section. In pole positions, he beat the German and Senna two years ago. Legendary numbers, and bullying, that no one could have imagined eight years ago, when Schumacher announced his retirement to give the Mercedes, precisely, to Hamilton. At the time, it was an upwardly progressive team that staked everything on regulatory change and the introduction of hybrid power units. The rider got it right, he found the wave good, and now it is the silver arrows that partially overshadow the British's enormous record, along with the absence of a direct rival in the fight for the title. Because Nico Rosberg was, he came to Abu Dhabi with options in 2014 and took it off in 2016; but Valtteri Bottas does not hold his pulse nor does he seem called to fight for World Cups.

In Sochi, where the Great Circus lands this week not without difficulties, the Finn at least has good memories: his first victory, in 2017, and four podiums in six visits. It is not the most fun circuit on the calendar, nor is Valtteri the most charismatic driver on the grid, perhaps the like-minded tend to meet each other and that is why he is usually particularly inspired by this circuit with two important straights and several 90º corners that do not satisfy the rest of the race. pilots. Here it has only been raced with hybrid engines and only Mercedes has won. So Bottas seems the only one capable of delaying Hamilton's next record.

"A link in the chain"

"I never thought I would find myself in this situation, that's for sure," says Lewis, 35, who in the next few days, or weeks, must confirm his continuity in Formula 1 with Mercedes. On the possibility of reaching Schumacher: "It is a privilege to be in this position, with a great team and a car that allows you to deliver every week. I will always be grateful to all the people but I am only one link in the chain. To achieve these victories are not easy when there is a great driver like Valtteri pushing you to the limit. " Will have to be seen.

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