Gran Canaria is imposed on a Estudiantes who still do not win

The yellows prevailed (83-94), after a great third quarter. Avramovic, with 24 points, continues to add large numbers in the student body.


Herbalife Gran Canaria imposed this Friday with authority (83-94) a Movistar Estudiantes still to be done as a team, endorsing a 29-10 partial in the third quarter that was final in the first of the games of their preseason tour Madrilenian.

The yellow team, with the American center Jacob Willey (18 points), the Nigerian forward Stan Oyoye (15 and 4 assists) and the Georgian Beqa Burjanadze (13) as the main scorers, and assisted by a tremendous outside accuracy of 66%, imposed by the greater experience and the filming of his block.

For Estudiantes, without the US guard John Robertson, the Lithuanian guard Dovydas Giedraitis and the Dominican center Ángel Delgado, all three due to physical discomfort, the prolific Serbian guard Aleksa Avramovic's 24 points and the 21, with 5 triples of 8 attempts, from American center Alec Brown were not enough to overcome the gap opened by his rival in the third quarter.

After a successful start from the perimeter for the big men, Oleg Balcerowski for the 'Granca' and Brown for the schoolboys, the game settled into the imprecision typical of a preseason duel. Okoye shook his team with a dunk and the exit of Matt Costello and Beka Burjanadze gave them points on the inside, while the locals held on to Avramovic's exit for an even close of the first quarter (20-21) .

An even start that would become unbalanced as soon as the second set started, with a collegiate rush that led to a 15-0 run to 35-21, to which Brown, Avramovic and even the young Diego Alderete contributed, with a triple that It could have been played with four points if the additional one had not missed.

Okoye, supported by the electricity of the French Andrew Albicy distributing the game, qualified the local income by recovering distance (39-31) and the game went to rest in a fist of just three points, which he anticipated that there would still be much to tell for the second half (45-42). After the break, the duel turned yellow: Herbalife's best ball circulation, led by Beirán and with Costello as a beacon inside, made him star in a partial 0-9 start (45-51, min. 23) that forced Javier Zamora to stop the game.

With a very unfortunate Edwin Jackson and the responsibility in the hands of the young point guard Nacho Arroyo, Estudiantes could not find the way and Gran Canaria continued adding. The locals did not score until the 27th minute, when Cvetkovic entered the court and hit the ground with an entry to the basket. By then they were already falling by 15 points (47-62) and the improvement did not allow them to cut back, in fact the visitor advantage even grew at the end of the period (55-71) .

The locals rehearsed the reaction with baskets from Brown and Edgar Vicedonada more to start the last period and reduced below ten (68-76, min. 33) when Porfi Fisac called his team to the bank. The duel turned into a round trip, in which the same Willey hung twice in a row from the basket that the Estu added to the race with a triple by Avramovic (78-90, min. 39) .

A colorful end to a duel that already had an owner: a Gran Canaria that this Saturday will continue its Madrid preparatory tour playing against Urbas Fuenlabrada. The 'Estu' will seek the first victory of the preseason on Sunday against Iberostar Tenerife.

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