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In one of the best matches of the tournament, Pablo Carreño beat Shapovalov and on Friday he will face Zverev for a place in the final. Great game from Gijon with the reverse.


The hazards of life, due to a disqualification of Novak Djokovic that to some extent caused him with his successes, and his own merits gave Pablo Carreño another opportunity to shine in a Grand Slam and the Gijón did not waste it. After 01:00 in the morning on Wednesday in New York, around 7:07 in the morning in Spain, and in one of the best games of the tournament so far, Carreño beat an ultra-offensive Denis Shapovalov and will play for the second time the semifinals of the US Open. His now famous solidity from the back of the court, an incredible determination that is gained with experience and his memorable performance, especially with the backhand, gave Pablo a victory that he will take a long time to forget for being a major and because he got it in a battle of more than four hours that was decided in five sets with two tie-breaks in which he was excellent: 3-6, 7-6 (5), 7-6 (4), 0-6 and 6- 3.

Neither the overwhelming start of the Canadian, nor the donut that fit in the fourth round, when he intelligently let himself be carried away after conceding two breaks, nor the pain in the lower back for which he had to request the assistance of the physio before the final Fifth set prevented Carreño from winning the prize of facing Alexander Zverev for a place in the final on Friday.

"I am devastated, but very happy after this fight. It is incredible to be in the semifinals again. I worked very hard with my coach (Samuel López) during the quarantine and the results usually come when you do," he told him still in the track to former player James Blake the Asturian, who bravely entered the attack fight with Shapovalov, a true master of the volley at 21 years old who went to the net 70 times and there he won 52 points. In total, he placed 76 winners, but made 77 unforced errors and Pablo's balance in these two aspects was outstanding for a match of that happy cut and five sets: 33 and 42.


The essence of the best of Carreño was seen in two crucial moments: the tie-break of the second set, in which he moved wonderfully and prevailed with two winners, one with direct service and the other with the drive; and the last game, which he sentenced with another right hand before the last failure of his rival. To also frame the collection of interns, several backhand, that he endorsed Shapovalov, his good choices when serving with great percentages and some wonderful parallels with which he countered a small decisive part of the multiple raises of Denis, player ' echao palante ', who acts as a sack, without transition blows, with a one-handed backhand that is nice to see although it could be more effective and a drive of madness when he sets it well.

All this gives even more merit to what Carreño has achieved, who has beaten the talented boy with this four times in five games. Now another roller coaster awaits him, Zverev, a shining star who is in his good year, although he is capable of the best and the worst. He played a bad game against Coric, but he passed like the greats. Even so, the Guaje of world tennis, who returns to the top-20 and in 2017 was one step away from completing a Spanish final in New York against the now absent Nadal, has license to dream in this strange 2020. And, whatever happens. What happens, he has already raised the flag that the Balearic Islands usually hold.

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