Fracture in the Celtics: screams and objects flying in the locker room

After the second loss in a row to the Heat the Green team is frustrated, which is shown in this monumental leaked row.

After the loss to the Heat, the second in two games in the Eastern Conference finals, spirits were very heated within the Celtics. So much so that the players said everything to each other when they got to the locker room and so much that everything could be heard from outside, where the press waited for the players to shower and dress to conduct an interview after the match.

Gary Washburn, chronicler for The Boston Globe, gave an account of what happened. "Smart is yelling in the Celtics locker room and there is a lot of discussion right now. Smart is not the only one yelling; he has gone to the bathroom and the discussion was continuing. Smart was telling them: 'This is shit about you.' it is exploding. There have even been thrown objects, "he said. "I've been on the doorstep of a ton of changing rooms and this is the loudest thing I've ever heard."

The situation was so strong that the technicians decided, to calm the spirits, to suspend the training arranged for the following day.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, two of the locker room bosses, did not deny it after leaving the room where the players were changing. "There are a lot of passionate people on the team. That's what has happened, passions expressed," Brown said. "We're frustrated, but that's team sport. We talk about the game and that's it," Tatum said.

Brad Stevens, who happens to be one of the calmest coaches - as well as one of the best - in the NBA, attributed the discussion to the Heat comeback and the consequent defeat: "The boys were on the surface after a hard match ".

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