Formula 1 asks about inverted grid racing

The Italian GP in Monza has opened a debate on this system and F1 is launching a poll among its fans as to whether they would like this system instead of qualifying.

The madness of the Italian GP in Monza, with yellow flags, a red flag and various sanctions that shook the natural positions of the cars in the race, has opened a debate about the possibility of playing some races with an inverted grid system. Seeing Hamilton at the tail of the peloton climbing positions to scratch the maximum possible points, or the fight for victory between two cars not called at first for it, such as the Alpha Tauri by Gas and the McLaren by Sainz, raised the excitement of the fans .

And F1, for its part, has opened a survey on its F1 Fan Voice website to find out the opinion of its followers. "Did you enjoy the Italian GP more / less than you normally enjoy the race? How much did you enjoy the unpredictability of the Italian GP? How much did you enjoy the opportunity to see Lewis Hamilton coming back? How much did you enjoy watching him fight for the race? victory for pilots who normally do not have the opportunity to compete in the front? ", are some of the questions that users will find.

Liberty is already working on the year 2021 and the idea of introducing some 30 minute races with an inverted grid on Saturdays instead of qualifying flies over the air. The opinion of the readers will not be much less binding, but those who have already spoken on several occasions are riders and people from the paddock.

George Russell has one of the least competitive cars in the World Championship and would be one of the theorists to benefit from the 'everything backwards' system, but even so he is against the idea: "We have the slowest car or one of the most slow from the grid. They would eat us alive. We defend ourselves like crazy to try to contain cars that are faster, but as drivers, it would make us look stupid to fight the faster ones, with cars that can brake 10 meters later. "

Nor does Vettel like the invention, and this year could have gained some starting positions due to the poor performance of the SF1000: "If this is the way to go, it is proof that the rules that were intended to create races have been failed more even ", sentenced the German. Much more concise but just as direct, Charles Leclerc, a colleague in the red box, expresses himself: "It's easy, the first one has to be the fastest" .

In the same line of argument, Jean Todt expresses himself: “Surprises are the essence of sport. But I don't like the inverted grill on F2 and F3 anymore. For me, this is not a race. Artificially created tension doesn't work. I will vote against, but if the majority is in favor, I will accept the decision. "The opinion of many of the protagonists of the 'Great Circus' and now we only need to know the opinion of the fans. And then Liberty will have to make a decision. O no.

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