Festival 'celtic' before the champion

The Celtics dominated from start to finish, they were excellent in defense, they managed to command 30 and overwhelmed the champion; Toronto, against the ropes.


The Celtics are here, if they were ever gone. If we analyze the aggregate of the tie, they should already be in the East final, with two inaugural victories, one that was not due to a triple as magical as it was unexpected and a fourth match in which they played poorly and still were in the game. The fifth has been the realization that they are clearly and completely superior to an opponent who may still have something to say, but who is between his back and the wall. A defeat to make official that this year there will be a new champion after a match in which they were neither there nor expected. It has not had advantages at any time, they have succumbed to a defense that they have not known how to attack and they have not been able to defend a collaborative offense, with the Brown-Tatum-Kemba trident at its peak and a Smart that continues to be the head, the heart and soul of what a champion team can perfectly be if it plays like this.

Much remains for then, and although the tactical battle is being won by Stevens and Nurse seems to be lost for the first time since his arrival in the best league in the world, there will be another duel on the benches in the Eastern finals if everything goes normal and the Spoelstra's Heat knock out the Bucks. Therefore, no one reads what is not written: the Celtics have enough players, coach and members to win the ring, and playing like tonight they can beat any opponent. But that doesn't mean they're going to win it. For now, the path is right and Stevens' umpteenth tactical adjustment has been rewarded too much; The coach put Smart on Lowry, freeing Tatum from his tag and suffocating the Raptors leader, who was coming off a grueling 45 minutes in Game 4. The result? 10 points and just 8 shots attempted by the point guard, who finished with an ignominious -23 on the court.

The Celtics dominated from start to finish and in the first 8 minutes of the game only Anunoby had scored for the Canadians. 5 total points with 0 of 9 in shots from the rest of the team; 11 in total at the end of the period, something that improved in the second but not enough. 62-35 to a break in which the game seemed to be sentenced with the power of sensations and basic statistics: no one ever, in the history of the playoffs, had traced an income of 25 or more points after the break (54- 0). Something that did not happen this time either, especially seeing that the Raptors were 30% in shots from the field (13 of 43) and 22% in triples (4 of 18). Neither the six consecutive points of a sterile Siakam (10 goals) after the intermission undermined the 'Celtic' morale, which took charge of the situation and managed to command 30 (52-82) in the last minutes of the third period. In the last one, everything was seen for sentence, and the Raptors did not go for more or when they fell 20 apart. Nurse gave rest to his team and gave way to a Matt Thomas who was one of the few lights within the Canadian darkness (10 points) along with Normal Powell (16). The rest nothing, including that embarrassing first period in which they did not even get to the point per minute (11 in 12) .

On the night of Wednesday through Thursday I could decide a series that, if we weren't at Disney, would have counted every game as a win for the away team. A ridiculous condition that would never have occurred in a normal situation (rare would be with two teams so strong in their respective fiefdoms) and that does not help some Raptors whose best news is that the game is over. In the Celtics, 18 + 10 + 4 from Tatum, 21 + 4 + 7 from Kemba, 27 points from a spectacular Jaylen Brown, 12 + 7 + 6 from a dimensionless Smart and 15 + 8 from Theis, the theoretical weak link that does not He is so bad and that he is a killer in the area, he does not weaken in the miss matches and defends abroad with supine ability. Oh, and 15 Wanamaker points. Everyone has signed up for the party and Stevens has reacted when they asked him to do so, canceling the offensive of some Raptors who are missing more than ever a star who will get you out of certain problems (what Kawhi was and what not Siakam has been able to approach) and that they are against the ropes. And yes, Tomjanovich already said, do not underestimate the heart of a champion. But the Celtics, their history and the 17 rings in their cabinets, know very well that the job is not done. And they are not going to underestimate them. Not the Raptors or anyone. Woe to him who underestimates them.

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