Ferrari: "We will win again"

Party in Florence and tribute in Mugello with Mick Schumacher at the wheel of the F2004. John Elkan, president: "Ferrari belongs to the people."

Formula 1 reached its climax with the F2004, as the years went by and it is still considered the best car of all time for being the first to take aerodynamics to unimaginable levels. There are three Mercedes and a McLaren with more victories, but the Ferrari with which Michael Schumacher won his last World Cup has another kind of pedigree. In that campaign they won 15 grand prizes out of 18 (Barrichello achieved a victory). This Sunday at Mugello, Mick Schumacher took it out for a walk to the delight of the paddock and some 3,000 lucky fans.

At the Tuscan GP everything is designed for Ferrari, a pity that the SF1000 does not give the level to celebrate with podiums or triumphs the thousand races in the Great Circus. In addition to the constant tributes on the track, the day before there was a party at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence which was attended by the staff of the present and past team. As hosts, Elkann (president), Camilleri (CEO) and Piero Ferrari (vice president and son of Enzo). As guests of luxury, Ross Brawn (F1) and Jean Todt (president of the FIA), two illustrious of the most glorious era of the prancing horse.

Elkan recalled: "There is no other team that equals such success. 16 constructors 'titles and 15 drivers' titles, 238 victories, one for every four grands prix." But the past does not win races and the bad situation of the team in current F1 weighs. The president has words of encouragement: "Now our tifosi are disappointed, they let us know. But Ferrari is made for the people, it has been a difficult season but we have the right people, in terms of skills, competence and passion, and we will return. to win. I'm sure of one thing: in the next 1,000 grands prix we are going to win more races than we have in the first thousand. " And Carlos Sainz, from 2021, will be part of the history of this legend.

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