Fernando Torres: "When you are a footballer you have to measure your words a lot"

The Atlético de Madrid legend has made a statement at the presentation of the documentary 'Fernando Torres': the last symbol', which Amazon will launch on September 18 in Spain and the United Kingdom


Former Spanish international striker Fernando Torres, world champion and two-time European champion with the Spanish national team and Atlético de Madrid legend retired a year ago, explained that an active player "has to measure his words a lot" during the presentation of a documentary about his career called 'Fernando Torres': the last symbol', which the audiovisual platform Amazon will launch on September 18 in Spain and the United Kingdom.

"When you are active, you have to take care of the details because you know what a statement without malice can cause. You have to measure your words a lot. In this documentary it was time to explain it. There will be no controversial statements, because it is not like me , but there are reflections of things that at the time I did not see like this, "explained the former striker in an act by videoconference.

The documentary reviews his career at Atlético de Madrid, his time in England, at Liverpool and Chelsea, his brief stint in Italian Milan, his return to the rojiblanco team, his retirement and his successful stage in the national team, with successes in the 2010 World Cup and the two European Cups in 2008 and 2012.

"I have always been very jealous of my privacy, an atypical footballer, I have tried to be on the fringes of the present, of the likes of my teammates, but when one gets older, and has a different vision of things, he realizes that oneself is looking for information, documentaries, interviews, "Torres explained.

That interest made him accept the proposal of the report. "We saw the opportunity to explain and reflect on everything that has happened to me, the good and also the bad, that when you are active you do not want it to be known and you get into your bubble. Perhaps it was time to tell it", reflected the former forward.

For Torres, the greatest challenge was to "open up" to the cameras of the documentary, including his family and children, who had "never" seen so many cameras, having always been the forward very reserved with his private life.

The platform will also premiere before the end of the year a documentary about the triumph of the Spanish team in the 2010 World Cup, which marks the tenth anniversary and which for Torres was "the moment when they touched the sky", both the footballers and Spanish fans.

A success that the forward came to after overcoming a knee injury six months earlier, and injuring himself in the World Cup final itself, in which he participated in the play of the goal that was worth the title, scored by Andrés Iniesta in extra time .

"Two months before the World Cup I was on crutches, I fought to be there, I got it, then everything got complicated with the injury, and the day you are world champion you have been injured, you cannot be at the level you wanted, already at the same time you are suffering and enjoying yourself. I would do it again and a thousand times, it was my goal, "Torres recalled.

The former rojiblanco striker is already preparing for the future, both in the technical field, for which he is completing the coaching course, and in sports management.

"Now I am on the coach's license, I am missing the practices that I have not been able to do because the youth competitions have not started down, and next year I want to do the UEFA Pro level. I am also preparing the management side, with several courses and masters to be prepared at the moment that one decides to return, if they decide, to the present, "he detailed.

Regarding whether that future will unite him again with Atlético, the 'Niño' Torres was cautious: "Time to time, you have to prepare well, surely the best is yet to come," he said.

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