Fenati takes the thorn out of his madness with Manzi in Misano

The Italian won where two years ago he used the brake of his compatriot, who had previously unhinged him with his foul play. Vietti and Ogura closed the podium.


Possibly, there are no races in the world, whatever they are, more beautiful than Moto3. The latest proof of this is the victory of Fenai in the Emilia Romagna GP, who has crossed the finish line with 36 thousandths of advantage over Vietti and 121 over Ogura, who in turn has surpassed Arenas by 78 and with this result the Spaniard continues to lead the general classification, but now with a single point of advantage over the Japanese.

Fenati found victory again a little over a year after the previous one and he did it precisely at the Marco Simoncelli, the circuit where he became sadly famous worldwide two years ago, when he short-circuited and used the brake of the motorcycle Manzi, who had previously unhinged him with his foul play. That supposed a historical sanction that partially separated him from the competition and that Fenati himself felt like leaving everything, to go back to work at his grandfather's hardware store, but over time he thought about it and there are already 12 victories that he has achieved in the Moto3 category. More than anyone.

The race had everything from six leaders to an unprecedented crash, such as Alonso López's when he was doing the penalty of a long lap that he dragged from the previous race. It hurt more in the soul than in the physical the Madrieño, because he is in his worst year. The most spectacular of all the crashes was that of Binder who, after coming back from 21st place, once again reached the leading group and crashed when braking at Turn 1, starting lap 19, when he was fifth. It came out through ears when blocking brakes, but was able to get out of the escapement by its own foot. The South African had a touch with Alcoba before, who was once again very combative and in the end had to settle for thirteenth place. The rookie came to dream of podium places, the same as a Raúl Fernández who continues to resist ... 444 444

The Madrid-born finished sixth starting from pole and, although this time he held the lead for several laps, he was diluted as drivers were overtaking him at first, but then he had a reaction that could take him to better positions. However, he is still much more tender in the race than in training, where he is a killer. The long-awaited podium will end up arriving, for sure. The one who had bad luck was Masiá, who started the last lap in fourth position, came to lead and finished fifth. A touch with Vietti at the end left him with no options.

The race had so many alternatives that Arenas saw on the last lap how he went from first to fifth on the fast corner of 11th. They slipped inside him like airplanes and in the end he finished in a fourth position in which, he said later, they influenced the touches he had with other riders and the memory of the crash a week ago, because he needed to score anyway. The good news is that he remains the leader, with intact morale and that he will be the one who will race at home next week, in Montmeló.

Another rider who had an outstanding performance was Rodrigo, who came back from the eighteenth to the top positions, but touched Vietti from behind, getting into almost all the problems, and that made him lose many positions after miraculously saving the fall. The Spanish-Argentine was twelfth. And McPhee, who started 20th, only climbed up to 10th place.

As for the other two Spaniards in the category, García, with two long lap penalties, was 17th and Tatay 19th.

Photos from as.com
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