Dragic and Adebayo lead the comeback and put the series on track

Spoelstra's men fell by 13 points at halftime. However, a great third quarter again changed the sign of the match.


Miami continues to daydream. 0-2 and the Finals to two games six seasons later. Those of Spoelstra knew how to recover from a bad second quarter and signed a brilliant reaction in the third, which laid the foundations of a second victory that ended up acquiring again touches of prowess. The game started with a first set in which both teams chained good shooting streaks, but Boston prevailed the status of great shooters of many of the players on its roster and ended up finishing the fourth ahead.

A first 12 minutes in which the defenses left much to be desired. Boston continued with its traditional covert zone defense with constant marking exchanges, while Miami again bet on that 2-3 zone that failed at the start but shone in the third set. Smart, Tatum and Walker's first signs of brilliance from the perimeter in the series kept Stevens' men in attack, who finished with a great 66.7% shooting from the field in the snatch.

In Miami, a Robinson barely appeared with good numbers who claimed responsibility after his poor opening game. 12 of the 28 points of Spoelstra's team ran from their position and the Heat remained with options on the scoreboard, but the reality is that their game was beginning to leave some doubts. The second quarter confirmed the bad omens. Stevens finally found the best Kemba and Miami began to falter in defense. To the great outside game well demonstrated in Boston, the variant of the inside game appeared.

Brad tried alternatives from his roster such as Langford, which barely lasted a minute and a half, or Kanter, who ended up signing better numbers than Theis and providing greater fluidity and sense to the movement of the ball during the course of the second set. Spoelstra came to change the defensive system to the man but the team was leaking from all sides. Neither Adebayo nor Dragic nor Butler. In attack, the name of the second set in Florida was Herro, who despite being a well-proven tripler exploited intelligence on the rebound and good movements in the paint to sustain his team in attack. 13 down and Miami feared the worst.

However, the second chapter of the East final had a second twist in store. Miami signed a superb 37-17 in the third quarter and finished the fourth with 7 rental points. Butler, Crowder and Adebayo led and sustained the team in defense, which returned to being zonal after the unsuccessful attempt to change plans in the second quarter, and with the solid base in defense, those of Spoelstra found the brilliance in attack.

Bam with 15 points exploited his covert point guard ability again, providing greater fluidity in the movement of the ball, and exploited his scoring ability with great penetrations. He was joined in attack again by the Slovenian conductor. Goran Dragic regained the pulse of the match before being decisive in the last 12 minutes. The Slovenian finished the first half with 9 points and concluded the duel with 25, in addition to 3 rebounds and 5 assists, an indication of his importance in Miami's offensive game.

The last quarter started as the first half ended. Boston was approaching the scoreboard again, to deploy in defense and to find some of its shooters on the fence. Walker and especially Brown led the reaction of Stevens' men, who went from being seven points down on the scoreboard to tying the game with just over five minutes to go.

When everything seemed to go wrong again for the interests of Spoelstra, Butler resurfaced in defense and he was accompanied by a great choral game in attack by Miami, in which Dragic again had great weight, which led them to put 5 points up to just under two minutes from the end. Brown, with two triples, tried again to wake Boston from lethargy but it was too late. Miami had already won the second game and is already seeing the NBA Finals in the distance after six seasons away from them. Once again, the group triumphed over the many great individuals in Boston. A reality that is reflected in statistics.

Up to 6 Heat players exceeded 10 points and the one who is presumed as the great star of the project, finished the game with 14 points and being the fourth best of his team in scoring, which speaks very well of the balance in the short rotation and in the offensive weight of all those who make up the gala five. Boston once again relied heavily on the success of its shooters on the perimeter and the lack of alternatives, failed in the attempt to give importance to the paint with Kanter, was again reflected in the game. Despite this, the alternatives on the scoreboard and equality again predominated in the duel. It's 0-2 but the series is still more than open. From Saturday to Sunday, at 02:30 Spanish time, there will be a third round that in the event of a victory for the Florida team, the alarms would go from amber to red within the Celtics.

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