Dovizioso pulls irony and not only because of 'unemployed'

"It's fun to be first going so slow," he said after his dismal eighth, a result that nevertheless left him with a point over Quartararo and Maverick.


Andrea Dovizioso continues to lead the MotoGP overall despite his two weak performances at Misano, where he was seventh and eighth. Faced with such a scenario, the Ducati pulled with irony to assess his situation, and not only because of the Unemployed that he placed in the back of the suit. That word means unemployed, which is what he is right now for next year at the end of his relationship with Ducati, and he used it to replace the usual word that he has there, Undaunted (undaunted), the result of a lost bet with friends for Leaving Misano 1 leader already. Well, his extensive appearance before the media can be summed up in this ironic phrase: "It's fun to be the first in the classification going slow" .

It is shocking, to say the least, that in the fastest two-wheeler on earth someone who is considered to be "going slow" is leading. We already told last week that he himself did not believe his leadership, the cheapest in history after six races with 76 points, something that is repeated with seven races contested, adding only 84 of the 175 that have been at stake . That's less than half, exactly 48%, and allowing the leading four to be at four points, with Quartararo and Maverirck one point behind Forli and Mir at four.

Dovizioso's argument is broad: "We did well in some races to take points home, but that's not how I like it. I'm consistent, but at this point in the championship I think it would be better to fight for the podium than to be first in the championship. sorting, so it's frustrating. " According to him, the problem is clear: "We are working very hard to adapt to braking and it is really discouraging not to take any steps forward. Looking at the data, it is quite easy to see what is wrong, but it is difficult to improve. It is also true. That at the beginning I lost many positions due to the maneuvers of other pilots and I was out when Aleix Espargaró fell, which also involved Morbidelli. I lost positions there but, in any case, I did not have the pace to recover as Mir did. better than Misano 1, but I'm still fighting. At the end of the race, when the tire on the left side was completely finished, it was running at 1: 32.9, like at the beginning. We can't take advantage of the new tire in qualifying, but not in either the first laps of the race. We continue to lead the championship, but that's the only positive aspect ”.

The question that arises quickly is obvious: Why can Bagnaia go so fast and he can't? His answer: “Pecco is the only one who has adapted to these tires and from the data it is clear that my strength in recent years has turned into a weak point. Brake later, with less pressure and go harder into corners. It is difficult to do. He makes a difference in that moment. I was able to make a difference compared to the other Ducati riders by using the front tire better, because there was no grip on the rear. Now you have to go fast in the last part of the corners, do not exaggerate vertically, because the rear wheel is raised too much when braking. Everything is clear, but doing it is not easy. And the development of the motorcycle is also going in the opposite direction to the past. ”

In addition to Bagnaia, for whom Dovizioso also has compliments, it is for Mir, third and second in these last two races and with trunks of comebacks: “Difficult to know from the outside: it seems that the bike is really balanced, it is easier for them consistent. They are not explosive on the fastest lap, but they are constant: in two races they have recovered many seconds. And Mir is undoubtedly a great talent: in some races we have seen that he is also the favorite for the championship. ”

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