Dovizioso leads the cheapest World Cup with 76 points

Never has the leader scored so little in six races since the scoring system was installed in 1993. The top nine are at 23 points.

Already before the San Marino GP, won by Franco Morbidelli, started, Fabio Quartararo was the MotoGP leader with the fewest points added (70) after the first five races of the season with the current points system, 25 for victory, installed since 1993. Well, one race later it is Dovizioso who leads with 76 points, after the first six races, the one considered by numbers as the cheapest World Championship.

Quartararo said on Thursday at the press conference with which he started the first weekend in San Marino that it was crazy that he was still leading with the last three races he had led. He did it three points ahead of Dovizioso, who in Misano did know how to take advantage of the new gift from the Frenchman, who fell in turn 4 when he was fourth on the eighth lap. Of course, the Ducati man missed the opportunity to open a good gap, because he only added nine points and his advantage is six over the Yamaha satellite.

To date, Dovizioso has been third (Jerez 1), fifth (Jerez 2), eleventh (Brno), first (Austria 1), fifth (Austria 2) and seventh (Misano 1). Such irregularity means that there are many pursuers who have him within a career range. The aforementioned Quartararo is at 6 points, Miller at 12, Mir at 16, Maverick and Rossi at 18, Morbidelli at 19, Miller and Nakagami at 23.

Without Marc Márquez on the asphalt, in the dry dock due to the fracture in the humerus of the right arm suffered in the first race of the year, the World Championship has been equaled to the downside and opens the forecasts as never before seen, which has a point of emotion and uncertainty that is very good for the championship plot, but that highlights the absence of a solid leader, a benchmark and a driver to beat as was the eldest of the Márquez.

AS asked the three on the podium who they think will win the title this year and if they don't have the feeling that no one seems to want to win it. Bagnaia raised her hand saying that he did love him before all three answered. The first to do so was Morbidelli: "There is a very fierce fight. There are very strong drivers and very strong brands. There is no clear favorite who can win the championship. It may seem that nobody wants to win it, but the fact is that everyone wants earn it". Bagnaia, who finished second, said: "The fact of having doubles at various circuits, tires and other factors means that there are drivers who do not go fast one Sunday and do so the next. This year there has been a lot of competitiveness and it is incredible compared with last year. There has been a lot of different tire choice here and this is somewhat different from other years. " And Mir, who finished third, said: "I also think that everyone wants to win and there is no clear favorite. This year there is a very similar performance between different bikes, with strengths and weaknesses. There is a lot of equality between bikes and lots of fast riders. We'll see how the year ends. "

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