Dmitrovic is a hoot

The Eibar goalkeeper was the best of the game, and prevented the Guipuzcoan defeat thanks to his good saves. Emre Mor, twice, and Nolito were able to give victory to their team.


Eibar and Celta drew (0-0) at Ipurua on Saturday in a match in which Marko Dmitrovic, the Barça goalkeeper, stopped a more dangerous Vigo side in attack. Emre Mor, on two occasions, and Nolito were able to give the victory to the team trained by Oscar García, who created the best opportunities. Guipuzcoans and Galicians raised the curtain on the First Division league in the 2020-2021 season with a loose duel, in which the Eibar led by José Luis Mendilibar were very 'thick' offensively. The Vigo created more danger, with Emre Mor as a prominent attacker.

Two months later, Ipurua once again hosted a soccer match with a minute of silence for the death of Paco Marquiegui, former president of Eibar. Although a new competition began, as happened at the end of last season, the duel was played behind closed doors, without fans, due to the coronavirus. In the end, the maximum number of players summoned was 23, instead of 25. The Barça signings Kadzior and Recio, and the celestial Tapia and Baeza debuted.

The locals started with great intensity, and Pedro León finished off a luxury center from Sergi Enrich with the weight, on the first occasion of the match. But, as Mendilibar had announced, the match was going to be open and with many scoring opportunities. Celta responded with a good long shot from Nolito that Marko Dmitrovic cleared for a corner in a good intervention by the Serbian goalkeeper. The international goalkeeper with Serbia once again cleared a 'one on one' with Emre Mor, when, again, the Celtian goal was called. Before the first half hour, Kike García headed off a center from Pedro León. Then the visitor Brais Méndez did the most difficult thing (control a ball and leave it dead), while then he finished off a shot of Vaseline. There was no stoppage due to hydration, and due to the heat - there was a bright sun on a summer afternoon - and fatigue, the end of the first half was unbearable, because the footballers' legs were heavy.

The second half began with a visitor shot, sent out by Aidoo - he put his leg wrong - who took it from Nolito inside the area. But the one who was about to score the goal of the day was Pedro Bigas (the Mallorcan defender played left-back yesterday), but his impressive volley narrowly missed. The ball went from one area to another, the celestial Nolito crossed, Emre Mor finished off, and Dmitrovic stopped. The duel had no owner, so Edu Expósito finished off from the edge of the area. But again Dmitrovic saved Eibar from defeat, as he first cleared a shot from Emre Mor after a good personal move, and then another from Hugo Mallo. The locals finished with one less for the expulsion of Pape Diop for a double warning (he saw two cards in 6 minutes) .

Mendilibar: "The best have been those who have not played"

SD Eibar coach, José Luis Mendilibar, has had no qualms about admitting his team's bad game against Celta (0-0) at the start of the season , to the point of ensuring that "the best have been those who have not played" .

The Zaldibar coach has regretted the bad encounter of his team and has admitted that it was Celta who had the most chances and merits to take the three points.

"We have not played well, we did not play our game, which is to take balls from outside and they were better than us. If someone had to have won, I think it was Celta", Mendilibar has acknowledged.

The coach of the Eibar team has also had to explain the reason why a center-back like Bigas played as a winger. "We are always with the same, but if I put more offensive players it is not a guarantee that we will play better. Today we do not generate football and the tie must be considered good," Mendilibar said in this regard.

However, he has valued the work of his goalkeeper Dmitrovic, although he did not want to overdo the praise because it is a position that, as he has commented, "is for that, keeping his back to the defense, saving dangerous balls and avoiding goals" .

He has shown his hope that, with the passing of the days, his team will return to good football, for which he has described the 0-0 as a "good result" and has trusted that in the next days it will serve to add the three points of a victory for which Eibar needs to "improve the game" .

Óscar García: "We had three clear to win"

Celta coach Óscar García regretted this Saturday that his team could not achieve the victory in Ipurua (0-0), a result that for him would have been deserved but not came by blur.

"We have had three clear chances to win, such as Brais' only against the goalkeeper or Nolito's, while our goalkeeper only had to intervene in one, so I think that in the global count we were closer to the victory than they ", has summarized the Celta coach.

Asked about Emre Mor's match, he did not want to identify a player since for him what matters is the group, but he did emphasize that when the Turkish footballer "is focused and trains well, he can always help" although, to his judgment, "winning the game is a matter for all teammates" .

He has not been concerned about the lack of a goal, because he has said that he is convinced that "it does not have to always be the same and the important thing is to generate chances because the goals will come".

The Catalan coach has avoided commenting on the need for reinforcements, a debate present in all First Division teams at this stage of the season, and has stated that he is "very happy" with the squad he has, although he has admitted that "everything that is can reinforce, it is always positive ".

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