Djokovic, disqualified for hitting a linesman

A ball thrown by the Serbian after conceding a break against Carreño that hit a linesman in the nut, leaves him with no options to win his 18th Grand Slam and puts the Spanish in the quarterfinals.


The US Open experienced a historic moment this Sunday when Novak Djokovic was disqualified because a ball thrown by him after conceding a break in his round of 16 match against Pablo Carreño hit a chair umpire in the nut. The assistant spent a few moments of real anguish due to the drowning caused by the impact caused by the Serbian, who threw the ball at an unusual height due to his frustration and did so looking back, which rules out that he did not know where he could go the ball.

With the regulation as a legitimate argument, the chief judge, Soeren Friemel, made the decision to expel Djokovic after talking with the ATP supervisor, Andreas Egli, and the chair judge, Aurelie Tortue, and explained it to the player during tense minutes in which the winner of 17 Grand Slams did not raise his voice or make any fuss before accepting his expulsion from the game and, therefore, from the tournament, after hearing the relevant explanations. In this way, the Balkan will not be able to close the gap in the race for the big titles with Nadal (19) and Federer (20), in a championship in which he was the great favorite in the absence of the other two components of the Big Three. One bad action can change the history of the fight for tennis supremacy. Furthermore, Djokovic will leave New York with no points, no prize money and a hefty fine. It will be Carreño who plays for the second time in his career the US Open quarters against Shapovalov or Goffin.

The chain of events that led Djokovic to his reckless action began with a drive claimed by Carreño that had been called out in the tenth game and that corrected the hawk-eye with 0-40 and the Spanish serve. Pablo raised the three break balls and Djokovic, annoyed, hit a ball against the side of the court. The match was equalized and in the next game, a winning blow by Carreño in the eleventh game left the world number one seated, who in his fall injured his right shoulder. After being treated and with a dangerous 0-30 on the scoreboard, he lost his serve (6-5 and service for the Gijonian) and his nerves. That is when he made the serious mistake that caused the sanction. It was of no use that he was interested in the status of the judge or that he gave explanations to the officer to try to revoke his decision. Because voluntariness was not punished, but the act of executing an improper blow in an action outside the game and damaging a third person with some seriousness.

The rule is clear: "Players must not hit, kick or throw violently, dangerously or in anger a tennis ball while on the tournament grounds, except in the reasonable pursuit of a point during a match (including warm-up). For the purposes of this rule, ball abuse is defined as intentionally or recklessly hitting a ball off the court enclosure, dangerously or recklessly hitting a ball on the court, or hitting a ball without regard for consequences. Violation of this section will subject the player to a fine of up to $ 350 for each violation. Additionally, if such violation occurs during a match, the player will be penalized in accordance with the penalty point schedule. " On this occasion, the foul was considered serious and can be considered unsportsmanlike conduct, because the throwing injured a person and therefore Djokovic was sent off. Three years ago, Denis Shapovalov lost a Davis Cup match with Canada and was excluded from the tournament when he hit the chair umpire in the eye with a miss-timed ball. And in 2012, David Nalbadian lost his papers in the Queens final and took to the streets for kicking a box in which a line was sitting. In short, that the track officials are absolutely untouchable.

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