Djokovic: "The balls are heavy because we are in October"

Novak Djokovic agrees with what Rafa Nadal says about the new Roland Garros balls, but blames it more on the cold for the time of year.


As expected, Novak Djokovic was asked this Sunday at the telematics press conference at Roland Garros about the new Wilson balls that will be used for the first time in the tournament. They did so in connection with the harsh criticism of Rafa Nadal about the characteristics of some balls that the Balearic Islands consider as "super heavy" as "a stone" and that are even "dangerous for the health of the players" .

The Serbian did not go that far in assessing this element of the game, although he did acknowledge that balls are "heavy." "It is the first time that Wilsons are going to be used on clay. I agree that they are heavy, but it is probably also because we are almost in October, and it is very cold," explained the world number one, who will debut against him. Swedish Mikael Ymer on Monday or Tuesday.

"The clay is also heavy and wet. The general conditions affect the ball itself. It is very difficult to say if it is heavy in general or is it because we are playing under these types of slow and heavy conditions," continued the Balkan, who He resigned without problems to playing with them: "We have to accept that. That is why we all came a little earlier to try to get used to these new balls and to conditions that are quite different from what we are used to at Roland Garros" .

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