Davidovich: "I work to be less anxious on the track"

"I don't train the 'hot shots' anymore. They come alone at this point in my career where we want to settle on the circuit," said Davidovich after going to the third round.


Alejandro Davidovich could not hide that he was "very happy" after winning with great merit the Pole Hubert Hurkacz and getting for the first time in his career in the third round of a Grand Slam. "It is the most important victory of my career," he acknowledged. The secret of his success: "Now I am more constant, not so anxious, although I maintain part of madness. We work to make him calmer, so that he is not so anxious on the track.

One of his follies, as he admits, is to serve from the bottom, Kyrgios-style, and he confesses why: "I serve from the bottom for Enrique López, my coach. At the Challenger in Marbella I did it and it has evolved. Before Hurkacz I saw a a good time to do it, but it didn't work out well enough. It was because he was good for me in that game and he was going 40-0 ".

His aggressive style makes him hit the ball spectacularly, as Rafa Nadal does. "I no longer train hot shots. They arrive alone at this point in my career in which we want to settle on the circuit," he warns, before clarifying that "basically" his victories "are due to a mental and physical issue, not a surface issue. ". "I like the dropouts and this time it was a way to play my rival, bringing him closer to the net, but then I made balloons in front of a guy who is three meters tall. That was wrong," he joked.

As for what his triumph in the ranking could mean (up, at the moment, 18 places, up to 81), he prefers not to get obsessed: "We are not thinking about climbing positions, but about improving every day. I hope I have many more years, a lot of anger, suffering, joy, work to improve ". Meanwhile ... "When I don't play or train, I like to cook, be with my friends, family, but I spend many hours thinking about tennis and I have a lot of career ahead of me.

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