Davidovich breaks another barrier: third round in a Grand Slam

Alejandro Davidovich had a great game against a disappointing Hurkacz (24th seed). The Malaga player reaches his top in a major and will have an affordable match against Norrie.


Alejandro Davidovich, one of the most talented young people in Spain and around the world circuit, broke another personal barrier this Wednesday at the US Open, since with his victory against the 24th favorite of the tournament, Hubert Hurkacz (6-4, 1 -6, 6-2 and 6-2), with 21 years he got for the first time in his career in the third round of a Grand Slam. Although it is true that the Pole was a shadow of the player who surprised last year with his consistency and quality, Davidovich had the game very well prepared and subjected him to a series of exchanges that did not suit him at all and with which he physically melted. A great player, Hurkacz had a hard time in hot and humid conditions to which Davidovich, who trains in the Marbella area, adapted better. He had to be taken care of and ended up with a good pájara. The best thing for Alejandro is that his next rival will be, in theory, affordable: the British Cameron Norrie, who beat the Argentine Federico Coria 6-3, 6-4 and 6-4.

Hurkacz's imposing 1.96 meters are a good example of the type of player he is: a gunner with the serve and lacks from the back of the court. That gave Davidovich the chance to break his serve in the first game of the match, but the Pole managed to get out of trouble. In the third game, he also avoided the break with forceful blows. The lanky Hurkacz, with unorthodox but effective movements, continued to suffer with his serve until he finally gave in. At the sixth opportunity it was the charm for Davidovich, who later consolidated the break to go 4-2 and go for the set.

With the first set in his pocket, thanks to an infinity of drops that were unattainable for the Pole, Davidovich maintained his strategy in the second. But the tables turned in the fourth game in Hurkacz's favor. A blunder on a volley and an inopportune slip on the back of the court put Davidovich off the track, who conceded his first serve of the match and later the set: 6-1.

The Malaga player reset his mind and returned to the charge with his best tennis in the third set. His prize for perseverance came in the sixth game, at which point he broke his opponent's serve after four chances. Hurkacz continued with many difficulties in long points and lateral movements, latitudes in which Davidovich felt very comfortable until closing the third set with a new break that allowed him to serve as the start in the fourth set.

In this set, which was the final one, Alex soon broke his opponent's serve, very touched already at that time, and headed with determination towards the victory, which did not escape them. In the end, he celebrated with his team euphoric. It was not for less.

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