David Valero and Rocío del Alba, champions of Spain

Both were the strongest on the muddy and slippery Cerro de las Conteiendas Circuit in Valladolid.


The MMR Factory Team cyclist David Valero and the BH Templo Café rider Rocío del Alba García have been proclaimed elite XCO champions of Spain in Valladolid, in a test in which the best of the national scene have gathered in search of a place for the World Cup.

Five titles of champion of Spain already holds in his record David Valero, who this Sunday, in the muddy and slippery Circuit of the Cerro de las Conteiendas in Valladolid, has imposed himself in a disputed race over Sergio Mantecón and Pablo Rodríguez, who have completed the podium in the elite category. Sergio Mantecón, who came especially conscientious to fight for the gold, has taken command in the first lap and has achieved a slight advantage over Kevin Suárez and Pablo Rodríguez, who ran at about 10 seconds, while Valero and Coloma did it to something more than 20 seconds.

According to the Spanish Cycling Federation, after the minutes passed, the race situation was rebuilding, and Valero progressed to join Sergio Mantecón and Pablo Rodríguez at the head of the race, before completing the third lap of the circuit. Behind, Ismael Esteban, despite having suffered a small fall, established himself in fourth position, while Coloma lost meters with Kevin Suárez.

In the second half of the race, Mantecón paid the pace of Valero and Rodríguez in the toughest areas of the Valladolid track and started to make the rubber until he gave up a turn later. Without the Kross team rider already in the lead, the duo established at the front have gotten on well to solidify their podium options. But, a little more than one lap to go, David Valero made an attack that, in the end, would be decisive in awarding him the gold medal, since he opened a 20-second margin over Pablo Rodríguez, who was also hunted and beaten. by Sergio Mantecón and therefore had to settle for bronze.

As for the females, Rocío del Alba García dominated the race, showing from the first bars that she was the strongest runner, and imposing an unattainable pace for the others, since, after the first lap, she had already obtained an income of almost a minute on Claudia Galicia, Lara Lois and Meritxell Figueras. Therefore, the BH-Templo Café runner only had to dedicate herself to managing her advantage and the mechanics, a crucial aspect on a day like the one lived this Sunday, in which the track had become a veritable quagmire.

From behind, María Díaz and Noemí Nevado emerged strongly, entering the fight for the podium places after hunting Lara Lois, while Claudia Galicia rolled alone in second position. The Megamo team rider suffered a breakdown that caused María Díaz, who started the chasing trio, to join her in search of second position and, in the final lap, with victory at will for Rocío García -with more than two minutes' rent-, Díaz ended up giving in, while Lois found her best pedal stroke to star in a beautiful fight with Galicia for silver.Therefore, Rocío del Alba achieved her first title of elite champion of Spain with 2'14 "advantage over Claudia Galicia, who beat Lara Lois by half a bike in a tight sprint for second position, while fourth position went to Noemí Moreno and María Díaz finished fifth. Both in the sub23 and junior categories, the triumph went to the Balearic Islands, with Nuria Bosch and Lucía Gómez as champions of Spain, after dominating the races of their respective categories from start to finish .

Photos from as.com
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