COVID-19 counters will be reset

Although the protocol dictates that two positives in a team in seven days entails the expulsion of the Tour, Health said that the new tests will not influence.

The French Ministry of Health confirmed this Thursday that the Tour's coronavirus counters will be reset in the next wave of PCR tests. In other words, Ineos, Cofidis, Ag2r and Mitchelton do not risk an expulsion from the race if they do not throw two cases in the new analyzes, even though they already had one from their technical staff on the first day of rest. The squads themselves were "very concerned" about the situation and confirmed to AS that another positive was going to send them home. The protocol includes a period of time of seven days, but focused on monitoring contacts and ruling out sources of infection, not establishing a punishment even if there are two infections in a week.

So the affected computers breathe relatively calmly, because until Monday they must remain free of symptoms and viruses in case they are carried out further tests. In addition, Tour Director Christian Prudhomme will rejoin the race next Tuesday, after the second day of rest, if the follow-up PCR is negative. Meanwhile, Prudhomme remains isolated and François Lemarchand takes up his duties. "Don't worry, Christian, I don't want to take your position away," jokes the new occupant of car number one on the Tour.

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