Controversy in Germany for a 260 km plane trip.

The match between Germany and Switzerland has generated a stir over the Federation's decision to make the trip by plane, despite the short distance between Stuttgart and Basel.


The German Football Federation (DFB) has justified the plane trip of the team of Joachim Löw, of just 260 kms., For the match of the League of Nations against Switzerland in "hygienic reasons" and in the need to "recover" of players.

The match between Germany and Switzerland, which ended 1-1, has generated a stir in the media and social networks due to the DFB's decision to organize the plane trip, despite the short distance between Stuttgart (southern Germany) and Basel (Switzerland) .

Carrying out by bus would not have been possible because it would not have given the players time to "regenerate" physically for the match, after two or three hours sitting in the vehicle, DFB sources explained. Nor was it organized by train for "hygienic reasons", amid the measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic. The rail journey would have implied the need to make a transfer, which exposed the players to multiple contacts.

The DFB then decided to organize a plane transport, on Saturday afternoon, for the game that was played on Sunday and in which Germany drew one goal against Switzerland, the same result as in the game against Spain the previous Thursday , in Stuttgart.

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