Claim shirts will not be allowed on the podium

The FIA stresses that pilots must go to the ceremony and the press conference with overalls "closed to the neck". Hamilton didn't do it at Mugello.


Lewis Hamilton took the Mugello podium wearing an anti-racist protest shirt (related to the murder of Breonna Taylor) and criticism arose, because it hid a good part of the sponsors who occupy the jumpsuit. The Mercedes team was expressly in favor of the pilot's action. At one point it was rumored that the FIA investigated the incident and was able to fine Hamilton, which is not true. However, before this race in Sochi they wanted to highlight the regulations: the pilots on the podium must attend the ceremony and the subsequent press conference dressed "only in overalls, closed up to the neck." This also corrects one of Lewis's habits after the races: he changes clothes before the media conference and appears in shorts, but it significantly delays the start of the conference.

It will be a special podium in Sochi, the old-fashioned way, with four local leaders and one of them handing out the trophies. The pilots are advised to greet them if required. Vladimir Putin will not be there, or at least that has transpired in the previous hours. But high personalities from the Russian government will arrive, in fact this Sunday there are already more controls to access the circuit facilities.

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