Chilling accident that leaves Sainz out: "Remember something that happened in 2019 ..."

Chaos in the highlight of the GP of Tuscany and the Madrid, Latifi, Magnussen and Giovinazzi collide on the straight. "Really dangerous," says Sainz.


Dangerous accident on the Mugello straight when the peloton faced a runout after the first safety car of the Tuscan GP. For five laps the safety car had led the group by hitching Verstappen, Gasly, Raikkonen and Grosjean. In the sixth, everything had to return to normal but on the same finish line, a touch between several riders that could have been very dangerous generated another showy crash by Carlos Sainz, Nicholas Latifi, Kevin Magnussen and Antonio Giovianzzi. They are all fine and they got off the car on their own feet. The Madrilenian made gestures of pain in his left wrist, although he indicated to the cameras that he was OK. "My God, how dangerous," he told his engineer, Tom Stallard, by radio. There was a red flag.

There will be an investigation of the commissioners. From the start, Bottas led the group very slowly to the finish line. Since 2019, the race leader is the one who sets the pace and there is no safety car line from which you can race freely. That is why the peloton became very crowded, with cars heating up the tires as they circulated from side to side, until suddenly the start was launched and too many paths coincided. A chaos that points to the Finn and also to the regulation. Grosjean, who came from behind: "It is stupid what the one in front has done. They want to kill us? The stupidest thing I have ever seen." Although in the specific case, it is Giovinazzi who decides to jump where there was no space and generates the scrapping. Magnussen and Sainz were unable to save him.

Meanwhile, ovation from the tifosi in the Mugello rostrum to Carlos Sainz, future Ferrari driver. Sad Tuscany GP for him, because a very good start (he passed Verstappen, Ricciardo and Pérez) came to nothing when he lost control of the MCL35 in the second corner, attacking Stroll. It would have been fifth, but lost many places. And when it came to highlighting, he ran into the other crash and couldn't avoid it in any way.Carlos Sainz: "A really dangerous situation"

"Glad we are all fine. It's frustrating not to finish a race like this, but this is a very dangerous situation that has reminded me of something that happened last year and I don't want to remember now (in reference to Hubert's tragedy in the F2 race at Spa 2019). When you go 200 per hour and you find cars stopped in the middle of the track. A very dangerous situation that should not be repeated. " "I'm fine, just a blow to the wrist and hand, but nothing hurts" .

What happened? "From the second half we believed that the race had started, or someone has believed it, but then we all had to brake and there was a domino effect. I came last, glued to the car in front to attack. When they started to open all and I have found the noise in front of the feeling I do not wish it to anyone. A really dangerous situation ".

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