Causeur vindicates

Madrid are back at home six months later. Score 102 points in a Palace without an audience. The Frenchman adds 25 and 5 triples. Krejci worrying injury.


Six months and 17 days after their last home game, on March 8, Madrid have returned to play at the WiZink Center. The rival was the same as then, the Casademont Zaragoza, the stage had nothing to do with it. Of the more than 8,000 fans, none. From sweet to cold home, such an icy atmosphere in such a large pavilion on a harsh day in the capital ended up affecting both teams, but in an orderly fashion, by sections. Madrid played, that fluid in attack: 27 assists and 19 triples (of 34) .

At the beginning, the dominance of the rebound and the red laxity in defense allowed Real to put rhythm to the transitions and launch with comfort. Causeur started with 8 points (he would finish with 25 and 5 of 11 in triples) and Tavares and Garuba did the rest. The whites loosen their hair (26-8) before the Cadademont gently collected it. Seven minutes into the game and with 22-8 on the scoreboard, the knee injury of 20-year-old Czech guard Vit Krejci lowered the temperature of the Palace even further. All with a heavy heart for the Zaragoza youth squad, who went to the hospital on a stretcher. It seems serious.

His teammates would hit rock bottom soon after and then propel themselves with the legs of one of the signings, guard Rasheed Sulaimon, who appeared in the League showing his potential. He had 16 goals in the final 11 minutes of the first half. His team stopped the rebounding bleeding and adjusted his defense, between his own merit and the demerit of others, he led Madrid to lose 13 balls in two quarters (22 at the end), which allowed him to compensate for a while that in almost everything else he was in tow . Mal Campazzo and Alocén in the direction in that section in which only Rudy was saved from the downpour: 13-30 of partial and 39-38.

New grief. Madrid broke it in the third quarter (does that sound like?), Not without ups and downs. At 19-3 with Causeur 'on fire' (10 goals in that period), Casademont responded with a 0-9. Good Abalde and Deck in the generation of play and puncture of Sulaimon, to which Ennis and Brussino tried to give him relief.

The last act was left for the statistics, despite the attempts of Barreiro (junior European champion with Doncic), and little else. For some numbers in which Causeur shone, a vindictive performance after being left out in the Super Cup in the only position, the escort, where there is saturation in the squad. This time it was not Llull, nor Taylor, who have minutes left. Neither did Randolph, who led Deck to 'four' in Part Two. But yes Rudy, brilliant with a 5 of 6 of three. And it is that 19 triples are many triples.

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