Carreño touches the feat

Pablo Carreño was about to surprise Zverev, who rallied two sets against to reach his first Grand Slam final. It will be measured with Thiem.


September 11, a fateful date in the history of the United States, could have been unforgettable for Pablo Carreño and for Spanish tennis. On the 19th anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers, and in New York, the man from Gijón was much better than Alexander Zverev, fourth favorite of the tournament, in the first two sets, but the German, a number one project that does not finish curdling, he came back with patience and a claw that his coach, David Ferrer, has surely transmitted to him to play for the first time in the final of a Grand Slam, the US Open. Carreño is once again with honey on his lips in New York, as three years ago when he also touched the feat, but fell in four sets against Kevin Anderson. This time Zverev needed five to beat the Spaniard 3-6, 2-6, 6-3, 6-4 and 6-3 in three hours and 22 minutes. They will face Dominic Thiem on Sunday (22:00, Eurosport).

There was faith in the possibilities of Carreño, his team and himself in the first place, and also because Zverev had reached the semifinals in fits and starts, without playing too well. Quite the opposite of the Asturian, who was fantastic in consistency, depth and precision in his shots, with good serves and maturity, a lot of maturity. Although in the end the ranking and the qualities of the Teuton prevailed, especially the service (24 aces for 71 winners), which got him out of trouble when it was worst. He already has a guaranteed prize: Monday will be the 18th in the world, again in the top-20 (Bautista will recover 10th place). In addition, with his role in this Grand Slam he gives a slap to all those who have disrespected him during these two weeks, including the wayward Nick Kyrgios, who he says would make him “mincemeat”. It should be seen.

The sound of Carreño's initial gale, an 'eh' that was accentuated by the winning shots, resounded in an empty Athur Ashe, the gigantic center court of the Billie Jean King Center in which there was no audience to enjoy and applaud the Spanish. If millions of viewers around the world saw him and were amazed by his performance. In the first set he was on the way to scoring a 6-1 against Zverev and in the second he had the rest close. The advantage was less, but it was enough. The desperate Teuton couldn't find the formula to get rid of the pressure on his services. The first game of the second sleeve escaped him after almost 15 minutes of battle in which he conceded a beautiful setback to the line of his rival. Carreño flew during an exalted period that defeated Sascha's attempts to react.

Failed to finish And Zverev did not make it easy. More focused, he broke the Gijonés serve to get 3-1 and serve. Pablo, with the intensity on the decline after his initial deployment, took notice and increased his aggressiveness to make the counter-break. However, he was left with no choice but to row against the current because his opponent added a new break and this time he consolidated it easily and with four sack shots in his next turn, the Hamburg tennis player shortened distances in the match.Rowing to die on the shore

A Carreño had to lower his head and suffer, something he had not experienced in the first two sets. He lacked a little more strength to hit deep blows with the drive and the serve rescued him. His opponent also refined in that aspect after delivering five double faults in the first two sets and the rest had already taken a step forward and caused great concern. So much so that he added another break and went ahead in the fourth quarter (2-1). "I can't hit the ball," Pablo seemed to say to his team. Although, immediately afterwards, he broke Zverev's serve in white and then took the lead (3-2). That was the game that was expected from the beginning. The chair judge, Marijana Veljovic, warned Carreño about possible coaching and he was, with irony, told his coach, Samuel López, "encourage me more clearly, when you say 'let's go', louder, so that I can hear it" . Zverev attacked again, already in star mode. In addition, Pablo gave him a legal ball that angered him. And the duel went to the fifth set with two aces from the German.

Attended by the physio of the tournament with discomfort in the hip and lumbar area. Mercilessly, Sascha collected another break and went for the match viciously. He was close to placing a lethal 3-0 in his favor, although Carreño endured. He didn't give up, he fed and fought. However, Zverev did not lower his guard and took advantage of the opportunity he was looking for and that comes to him at 23 years of age, with a whole career ahead of him.

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