Carreño: "This time reaching the semifinals was not enough"

Sorry, because it is "hard for him to assimilate the lost opportunity," Carreño said he still has "time." "But it's hard to think that now."

With sadness for the game that he missed when he had Zverev on the ropes and was one set away from playing the final of the US Open, Pablo Carreño addressed the media by videoconference and showed that he has ambition.

Great role at the US Open: "It is hard to say something positive after losing this game, this opportunity, although these weeks I have played at a very good level with good results, but even though I have had a good tournament, it is difficult to assimilate the missed opportunity ".

Key: "He started to play better in the third set, serving and making fewer mistakes. That's when he would have had to go for the game because if you don't, this happens."

Ambition: "I feel worse now than three years ago, in 2017 it was my first semifinals and this time it was not enough, I wanted to continue winning games and try to win the game. With 2-0 in favor I had the option to win, but of course I have to continue, it is what it touches ".

Time to win a Grand Slam: "I have time, but it is hard to think about it today, it is easier to say that I lost a great opportunity, maybe tomorrow I see it differently" .

Calendar: "I don't have time to play one hundred percent in Rome, with a change of surface, but I hope to get there on Sunday morning, pass the 24-hour quarantine and start on Monday to prepare for the game on Wednesday or Thursday Thanks to reaching the semifinals, I have time to play in Rome ".

Nadal's decision: "Nadal decided not to come and if he did, it is a good decision, I am not the one who should say whether it is correct or not, I knew there was risk, but it had to start at some point" .

Service from Zverev: "It is difficult to subtract someone who has such a good serve, even the second, but the problem has been in my rest, and when he served well I could not do well" .

German's options: "In a Grand Slam final Zverev has options, although Medvedev and Thiem are very solid, but if he serves like in the last three sets, he will probably make a great final, and the pressure is hard for everyone."

Strategy: "At the beginning I tried to subtract later and more cut, put a lot of remains on the court and make him play and think a lot also with his serves. From there, he raised the level, made fewer mistakes, served well and it was difficult for me to answer him".

Hope to win: "The sensations were very good, but I didn't have the feeling of having a great game either, against Shapovalov I knew I was ready, this time it wasn't so clear to me" .

A new Zverev: "Sascha is young and it is normal for him to improve and especially in those aspects that improve with seniority, based on playing those games, and he did not think that at any time he would raise his level, and continued fighting to the end ".

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