Campazzo still plays in Madrid

While deciding when and how to go to the NBA, the Super Cup MVP continues with the same usual commitment, he has not lowered his arms.

The final of the Super Cup entered the last minute with maximum equality (66-66), just what is always expected from the Spanish basketball classic. At 40 seconds, the trend continued: 67-67. Until Facundo Campazzo appeared there with an impossible tackle that placed Real Madrid two points ahead (69-67). The Argentine took the reins of his team in the second half, in which he scored 16 of his 21 points. Facu is still a white player, that is evident, although his known intention is to try out in the NBA sooner rather than later. While deciding when and how to go, because the opening of the US market is still unknown, Campazzo continues with the same commitment as usual, he has not lowered his arms. "I do not want to think beyond today," he said at the end of the game. What has to come will come. And then Madrid will have a problem, another hole to fill like those left by Sergio Rodríguez and Luka Doncic at the time, or Sergio Llull himself during his injury period. Campazzo made everyone forget. Who will make him forget him?

Facu pulled Madrid with his fourth MVP, in two Super Cups, a Cup and a League, while Nikola Mirotic led Barça in search of their first title as a Barça player, which has yet to arrive. This year Nick Calathes have joined the squad and Sarunas Jasikevicius to the bench, but for the moment the Spanish-Montenegrin showcase remains empty with his current shirt. Due to the game shown in various phases of the tournament and the level of its players, with Higgins and Kuric still in the infirmary, it looks like they will soon fall. "We have seen pieces of Barça that we want to build," said Saras. While the work is being completed, Madrid continues to command, with the 20th title from Pablo Laso. It is not yet the time for the end of an era. Nor of Campazzo packing.

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