Campazzo, MVP of the Super Cup, the last with Madrid?

The Argentine point guard was the key to Madrid's seventh title, the third in a row, with 21 points, 16 of them in the second half.


Facundo Campazzo was named MVP of the 2020 Endesa Super Cup. The Argentine point guard was largely responsible for Real Madrid winning its seventh trophy, the third in a row: he finished with 21 points (16 of them in the second half) with 7/11 of one, 4/9 of two and 2/6 of three for a PIR of 19. His was the decisive basket, with an impossible penetration, which put the Whites ahead (69-67) with only 26 seconds to go.

It is his fourth MVP with Real Madrid, the second in the Super Cup, which is also followed. The other two: final of the Endesa League of 2019 and the one of Cup 2020.

"The most important thing is to get a title, whatever it is. We fought for all our goals. We had first Tenerife and then Barcelona in the final and we played two great games. It is the team's merit," he told Movistar + microphones after the encounter.

The future of Campazzo is unclear. The Argentine has shown his interest in joining the NBA next season. The situation due to the coronavirus, which has delayed both the end of the North American League and the opening of free agency, has caused his wish not to materialize immediately ... although it is still there and has reached an agreement with the club Target for departure: he will follow Laso's orders until he can make the jump to the US.

At the time, Campazzo would be fired after facing the payment of his termination clause, of six million euros, which he would pay in several annuities (in five Mirotic did it and it was 2.5 million, less than half). The salary that he should receive in the months that he remains blank will be used to undertake a part of that termination, which corresponds to the first agreed term.

"I do not want to think beyond today. I want to enjoy the moment, for the moment I am giving 100% here", he said on that matter.Campazzo press conference

Keys to victory. Both the match and the tournament were very serious. We face two very tough teams. We played a great game, very smart to beat a team like Barça with so many names as well as putting our hearts into it. At times we were very solid. We were focused, we reduced losses, we controlled the rebounds ... and all this in the last 15 minutes.

Second Super Cup MVP title in a row. That shows that you get to this beginning of the course well. I take it as something more secondary. The individual awards are secondary and the important thing is to win the title. When the team is doing well, the individuals go up. The other day it was Rudy's turn to play a great game. Happy, I'm not going to lie, but more for the title

Winning the first tournament of the season strengthens the team, doesn't it? Yes. It is always good to start on the right foot. Since we arrived in Tenerife, Pablo (Laso) sent us the message that we wanted this cup, that there was no excuse for not getting it ... We went to look for it and transferred his message to the court-

How would you define this group? Big. With tremendous ambition and winning mentality. The desire to win was never lost and this is constantly renewed at the beginning of the season to achieve all the objectives.All the MVPs of the Endesa Super Cup

2020: Facundo Campazzo (Real Madrid) .

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