Campazzo is still here

Madrid beat Barça the Super Cup with an exceptional last quarter from the Argentine base, elected MVP. Laso's twentieth title since he came to the white bench.

Barça aspires to change the era in Spanish basketball, they want it with great desire. He has been pushing with everything for several years and at the moment ... much more money spent than success. The challenge is cyclopean, you can see him closer, but for a transition of that depth, to unseat Laso's Madrid you have to do everything perfectly in the offices and on the track and trust that your opponent falters. And since Campazzo still wears white, the time has not come. Maybe he will do it at the end of the course if the Argentine loosens ties to the NBA. That comecome of the madridistas would be more accentuated in any other campaign. In the current one, marked by the pandemic, today weighs more than tomorrow, even if it is just around the corner, because nobody knows what it will bring.

And the present says that this Tenerife Super Cup is the twentieth title of the Laso era, in nine seasons and so far this, two exact days, in which, by the way, the contract ends. Twenty trophies in 27 final plays out of 37 possible. And he says loud and clear that Campazzo is the MVP, as in the three previous trophies lifted by his team. He finished with 21 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and a PIR of 19, but in the last quarter he grouped 12 points and 14 credits when his teammates called out for help. It did not fail them, as Deck did not, decisive against Mirotic. Neither Rudy nor Llull fighting back in the vital section.

The Classic is now also a Laso-Jasikevicius pulse and we saw it at the start. The Vitorian varied his quintet to put Deck on Mirotic. An old resource that worked again. The Argentine, power forward, punished the Barça figure, who committed two personal charges and had to sit down. Campazzo added some more errors at the beginning in a duel as balanced as it was stellar with Calathes that ended up winning by KO, while Oriola scraped rebounds to Tavares and hurt him with his mobility. Abalde tried to punish his peer, Heurtel, and Claver held Carroll. Madrid were looking for the hoop with force ("We allow too many innings from the right," Saras would say later) and saw six up: 26-20. Laprovittola (Alocén stayed out) and Bolmaro were already walking on the parquet, who left a collection of brilliant actions and some confusion behind that cost him the change. And Mirotic returned with the superhero cape, three 2 + 1 in a row (in the last one he missed the free throw). It finished off actions in which Calathes had caused the failure.

The culés defensive traps had an effect, Real lost balls (7 at halftime) harassed in distant and intense two against one and, above all, gave way. Without passing game (only 6 assists in total), he was stuck: more than four minutes without scoring and the advantage to limbo (31-32). Barça, who had barely scored a triple, chained three (two from Mirotic) to open the gap (40-45). The white wound did not open any more because Abalde sewed it up.

Deck, the antidote to Mirotic

The jerks were back and forth and, at the start of the last act, Mirotic punished Thompkins' defense in a big way: 50-56. The alarm sounded, Deck on stage, for the Spanish-Montenegrin. And Campazzo to the rescue (partial 13-2). He took a choking attack by the horns and built up the reaction. He forced fouls, added and completed an almost unprecedented play in the final (control prevailed) to turn the sock around: gallop, assists, triple in the race (by Llull) and 57-56. A tremendous final sprint of the best pure FIBA point guard of the moment, and that he could still sentence before if he had not scored a counterattack in which Davies overcame him well. From a possible +7 to a technique on the Madrid bench and then two errors from Facu's free kick. Calathes had been eliminated and his team in the foul bonus. Each staff would send the rival to the line.

At the last minute it was entered with 66-66. The MVP grabbed half the Super Cup with an acrobatic entry between Abrines and Davies and Rudy the other half putting both hands on the ball that Hanga was carrying. Two legs of one victory, yet another bore the name of Deck, who put out the fire that Mirotic had started and intended to spread. Madrid adds and continues, the seventh Super Cup and now the new king of the record in this tournament. And the future? In these times, it is too far. Barça expects it to be with Higgins and Kuric, absent in Tenerife (watch out there), and perhaps with a new pivot. Madrid ... go to know.

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