Boonen defends Evenepoel: "Every cyclist on the Tour carries a bottle in his pocket"

In an article published in the Belgian media Het Laatste Nieuws, the Belgian ex-cyclist defended his teammate after the controversy over his fall in the Tour of Lombardy.


Tom Boonen has been one of the last figures in the peloton who wanted to get wet about the controversy surrounding Remco Evenepoel after the UCI announced that it will investigate what David Bramati took out of his pocket after the hard fall he suffered in the past Giro de Lombardy.

In a column in the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper, 'Tommeke' came out in defense of Evenepoel, justifying that it is possibly a supplement. "I found out on Saturday during my brother's birthday. I haven't seen the video, but my father mentioned it. Now do we have to justify every bottle we carry in our pockets? Everyone knows that runners eat, drink and take supplements during the race. We talk about bottles, as if it were Red Bull or something like that. It is nothing more ".

Boonen asks that Evenepoel himself be the one to dispel doubts about the contents of the bottle, although he assures that many cyclists carry this type of supplements in the race. "Let Remco give the answer himself, then everything will be solved. It is not strange that those bottles fall into that pocket. Possibly every rider on the Tour has a bottle with concentrated sugars or something similar in their pockets. I don't understand the commotion" .

Boonen also ruled out that the controversial container included tramadol, as has been suspected. "Tramadol? A pain reliever that causes falls. I can sign on a piece of paper that Tramadol is not used in Patrick Lefevere's team. Not at least while I was a runner there."

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