Binotto points to Vettel

Ferrari boss on the differences between Leclerc and Seb: "Comparing with such a fast driver is difficult." In an interview he says there will be a "new engine" in 2021.


The Ferrari crisis is global, affects the car and the engine, but within its peculiarities is also the difference in performance between its two drivers. Charles Leclerc is fifth in the championship with two podiums, saving the furniture with little material, while Sebastian Vettel is 13th, adding 16 points to 45 for his teammate. Bad fortune does not explain such a big step. What happens inside the garage? Mattia Binotto gave explanations at Monza that will not convince the four-time Heppenheim champion, because he is told: "Comparing with such a fast driver (by Leclerc) is never easy…" .

"We must say that Charles is very fast at the moment and that comparison is difficult even for a four times world champion. Sebastian is suffering with stability and does not find confidence, we are the ones who have to help him because we know that he can be very fast , as much as Charles. But at this moment, if we look at the last races, sometimes he drove well, as fast as he could, and other times it was not the case ", maintains the Swiss leader, head of Ferrari, who concludes:" He is the one who has to find the confidence over the weekend to start the race later. " Leclerc recently stated that he is satisfied with the balance of the car and it is clear that the set-ups during the weekend are no longer directed towards Seb's concerns.

Ferrari is the protagonist of the triplet of great prizes that make up Spa, Monza and Mugello. In the first they performed well below expectations with power problems, but also a lack of mechanical grip. This weekend they are racing at home, although repeating the 2019 victory is simply impossible. And next week, at the Tuscan GP, they will celebrate 1,000 races in Formula 1, a historical milestone that may be overshadowed by the lack of results from the car.

"After Spa there was a long meeting, but we only had a couple of days to analyze because Monza also had to be prepared. Spa is a difficult circuit for our package because power and aerodynamic efficiency are essential there and it is not a surprise to us performance. We could do better, I think, we started badly from Friday and the material we had was not optimized. But it would have been a difficult race as well. If I look at the season, I hope that will change, "says the Ferrari boss.

"New engine in 2021"

Additionally, in an interview with 'Il Corriere della Sera', Binotto commented: "The 2021 car will be an evolution of the current one, but there are opportunities. The engine will be completely new, it is on the test bench. And there may be aerodynamic changes that modify the rear of the car. There are possibilities. " His worst mistake: "The wrong design" of the SF1000.

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