Bastianini wins after two red flags due to rain

He entered ahead of Bezzecchi and Lowes, recovering 12 points from Marini, who was only fourth and now leads with a 5 advantage over the 'Beast'.


The day got off to a bad start for Marini, the solid Moto2 leader until this race of the Emilia Romgana GP, with a crash that took away his confidence in a warm up in which Bezzecchi and Lowes also fell. Thus, Rossi's brother could only be fourth this time, after having led with an iron hand in training, and those who did not fail despite that early fall were Fabio and Sam. They were able to get on the podium, although as second and third, respectively, and without being able to put a wheel at any time for the winner of the day, Bastianini.

The Beast achieved its third win of the season and this time it came after the appearance of two red flags, due to the appearance of intermittent rain that reduced the final race to ten laps. In the first race, Vierge was leading, who made an extraordinary start and was managing to maintain first place, until the first drops of water appeared on the sixth lap. There he went from first to fourth in a step and a lap later the race through the water stopped. When everything was ready for the restart, it started to rain again on the warm-up lap and the drivers mostly raised their hands to stop the action. So it was and that gave way to a third grid formation that was the final one.

Marini, Bastianini and Vierge started in the lead, passing the second and third to the leader in the first lap and, before it was over, Vierge and Bastianini had already passed a couple of times and from there the Italian began his escape . Although his pursuers always had him in their sights, they did not reach him and he crossed the line with 0.7 over his compatriot and 1.1 over the Englishman.

The victory was not the only good news for the Italtrans team, because he also cut a points cut in the general to Marini, who could only be fourth. Thus, the difference between Bastianini and Rossi's brother is reduced from 17 to 5 points, still with Luca ahead in the general classification. The one who no longer has anything to say practically in the general, although he can return in Montmeló, is a Martín who before missing these two Misano races due to COVID-19 was 8 points behind the head and now is at 46.

As for the Spanish in the race, it was a shame that Vierge saw his performance finished on the fifth lap for throwing Schrotter at him in an ugly maneuver. Both were fighting for second place on the podium and their push allowed Bezzecchi to overtake them. Even so, both were still fighting side by side fighting for third place and the German threw the Spaniard by opening more than necessary in a right turn. A shame and a lot of anger on the part of Xavi, who stood up and stuck his thumb up and applauded in the direction of his rival in an ironic way, showing his anger.

The first Spaniard on the finish line was Navarro with eighth place, and further behind, Canet 10º, Ferández 13º, Garzó 15º, Ramírez 20º and Pons 24º.

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