Baskonia imposes the champion's law in Fuenlabrada

Not even the great second half of Trimble (28 points) saved the Fuenlabreños in their home premiere with the new green kit. The Baskonia, authoritarian.


TD Systems Baskonia imposed the champion's law in Fuenlabrada (73-89), commanding the game from the start with an authoritarian first quarter (13-23) that was unapproachable for Urbas Fuenlabrada, to whom a great second half by Melo Trimble (28 points) did not earn him a comeback at home.

The first quarter of Dusko Ivanovic's men, without the Slovenian Zoran Dragic due to injury, were fed a great start by the Italian Achille Polonara (11 points), to impose a safety zone -in a Fernando Martín confined by the pandemic-, which they fed the American Pierria Henry (11), the Argentine Luca Vildoza (14) and the Lithuanian Rokas Giedraitis (17 points). A duel that without that first set could have been different for Urbas Fuenlabrada, which debuted at home and with its new color, green, with a lot of work to do in defense and with the doubt of what a Trimble that did 28 points at halftime could have been produced if he had been plugged in the entire game.

The first basket in this silent Fernando Martín was green, a triple from the Estonian Siim-Sander Vene, but it hardly meant anything against the Endesa League champion, who with an undetectable Polonara inside that offered a collection of back doors, drove a partial 0-10 in a couple of minutes (from 7-2 to 7-12, min. 3). Giedraitis and the Nigerian center Tonye Jekiri (who finished with a 'double-double' of 13 points and 10 rebounds) joined in to double the score in the blink of an eye (11-22, min. 6), while the local defense it only reactivated at the end of the quarter (13-23) .

Dusko Ivanovic was giving rotation to his players, and neither was out of tune, neither Ilimane Diop nor the young Latvian Arturs Kurucs (20 years), who placed a triple to put the 15 income (15-30, min. 12) against a Fuenlabrada that He could only stop the champion with fouls, surpassed by Barça's intensity, who feasted on the attack rebound, with 10 sacks under the rival rim before the break. To add insult to injury from Fuenlabrada, when they improved their defense, their selection of attack shots was disastrous: after Vene's first triple, they missed 11 shots until the Nigerian Obi Emegano holed 13 seconds from time. With perhaps a less extensive advantage in the sensations of the game, Baskonia went into the break (27-41) .

Those of Paco García had to react and found the until then disappeared Melo Trimble, who began to penetrate the basket like a knife in butter, although Henry responded with the same arts. Trimble's shots for an unsportsmanlike Vildoza and a triple from Vene gave the greens hope (44-49, min. 24). But what was unleashed was a triple storm: Vildoza, Trimble, Peters, Trimble (absolutely blessed with 22 points in this quarter alone), again Vildoza and Peters ... Up to seven in a row (50-61, min. 27) but completely even, so that Baskonia was still in command at the end of the third: 59-68.

The maximum defensive intensity of the last quarter was broken by Giedraitis with a new triple that precipitated the locals, which allowed Henry and the Lithuanian to steal and escape to achieve an almost definitive cushion (59-75, min. 33), despite the Fuenlabreños attempts to get closer. Neither the spectacular dunks of the Ukrainian Vyacheslav Bobrov nor the small sets shaken the victory of Baskonia, which was disturbed by a clash between Emegano and Giedraitis that made the Lithuanian retreat in pain from his left ankle, but with a bandage he was able to return and score the triple to the 73-89 final in favor of the current champion.

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