Bale, face to face with Zidane

The Welshman joins pre-season training without a hint of a solution being resolved that the French coach saw imminent more than a year ago.


"If it's tomorrow, better." 416 days have passed since Zidane pronounced that phrase in Houston before the apparent imminence of Gareth Bale's departure from Real Madrid. It was far from being a prophetic sentence. That morning never came. Today, more than thirteen and a half months later, the Welshman will once again be under the command of the French coach to start a new preseason as a Madrid player.

Y will do so after being again at the epicenter of controversy during the selection window. Asked about his future by Sky Sports, Bale threw the ball several times to the Real Madrid court. "I think the club needs to answer that question because I tried to leave last year and the club blocked everything at the last second"; "there have been other cases in which we tried to go but the club did not allow it or did something to make it so", "in the club they have control of everything", "it is in the hands of the club but they make things very difficult to be honest "; "the decision is in the hands of Real Madrid" .

Wales coach Ryan Giggs allowed himself to throw a dart at Zidane: "I haven't spoken to Zidane, my French and Spanish are not very good, and I know from experience that Zidane's English is not very good either." His way of getting out of the way when asked about the situation was his star, whom he describes as a committed player as he is not seen with Madrid: "The way Gareth takes care of himself, reaches concentration and waits with The urge to play has never been a problem until now. " He only hinted at a crack when he spoke of his presence at the Euro. "If it becomes a problem in six months, we will have to see it" .

With the signings discarded, Operation Exit has become the focus of white labor in the market. And there, the most complicated, was and continues to be that of Gareth Bale, who has become entrenched as the great sporting and economic problem (the net 15 million euros he charges are a slab in some accounts that are shaking by the coronavirus) of the entity.

The claim that Zizou expressed in Texas, encouraged by the interest of the Chinese Jiangsu Suning, did not work out and the Welshman stayed one more campaign in Madrid. Zidane renewed his vote of confidence in the player several times, but Bale was exhausting his credit. He has not scored in the league for more than a year (since his double at Villarreal on September 1, 2019, although he later scored Unionistas in the Cup), the dedication he puts on the golf green fades when the grass has goals and was erased of Manchester 'a la James' after not playing for a minute in the last seven league games (he only played 100 minutes in two games after confinement) .

While waiting for that morning that 416 days later still does not arrive, this Tuesday Zidane will have Bale face to face in Valdebebas.

The return of 7 internationals leaves Zidane with 24 players

Zidane receives a new batch of players to continue the work of the second week of this atypical preseason. Ramos, Carvajal, Reguilón, Lunin, Bale, Kroos and Jovic must rejoin the team on Tuesday, unless the result of the PCR says otherwise. With them, there will already be 24 players at his disposal Zinedine Zidane, which will increase to 27 when Varane, Mendy and Hazard join on Thursday after the commitments that France and Belgium have tonight against Croatia and Iceland respectively.

Of those 27, in four cases the club is working on finding their destination in Operation Exit. Reguilón and Mayoral are the cases that, a priori, present fewer complications. It does not seem that the sprained ankle that he suffered on Sunday with the National Team will prevent the full-back from finding a team, with United as the highest bidder. The forward, for his part, awaits the interest of Valencia. Without them two, the squad would already be at the 25 available chips. More difficult, however, is the situation of Bale and Mariano, without feasible prospects. James, whose transfer to Everton was closed last night, has not even reached Valdebebas this preseason.

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