Bale: "I don't take things too seriously"

"I don't regret anything. I just want to play football, that's all I can do and everything else, whatever is said from the outside, is beyond my control," he said.


Gareth Bale has returned to the charge after his departure from Real Madrid heading back to Tottenham and, after the controversial statements of Jonathan Barnett assuring that the whites should "step on the ground where the Welshman steps, he has assured that" he regrets "having left the Santiago Bernabéu. However, and aware of the seven years he has spent in Spain, where he has won everything, he assures that this is where he "has grown up" despite the criticism he has received in recent times.

"No, I don't regret anything. I just want to play football, that's all I can do and everything else, whatever is said from the outside, is beyond my control. As I said I do not regret what I I've done, whatever whoever says it, because that's up to him. I know what I think of myself and my family knows very well who I am, that's all that worries me, "says the 31-year-old in a interview for Sky Sports.

"It is clear that going to a different culture, to a different country, makes you grow as a person, and I am not telling you as a footballer. You have to learn to face situations in which you are involved, and, obviously, I have I've been under situations of immense pressure. There have been people who have whistled at me inside the stadium, "Bale said in surprise, who left on loan to play under Mourinho's orders. "So yeah, I've learned to deal with that kind of thing, not to take it too seriously or too personally, so I live with it. It's football, something you love to practice at and you just have to do your best. of yourself. Sometimes that's the only thing you can do ".

'I just want to play.' "When you come to a new team what you want is to do well, to help the team as much as possible. We have a great team that has been doing very well. Obviously since I left the club has not stopped growing; they reached a final Champions League, they have a new stadium and every year they do better in the Premier, "he says despite the fact that the Spurs were relegated to sixth place last year. "What I want is to add to all that and try to give the team a little more. We have to try to progress and keep moving in the right direction" .

All this despite the fact that, after barely counting for 20 games last season for Zidane, a knee injury will delay his debut under José Mourinho. "I just want to play, put on the Spurs jersey again. It is a very big disappointment that the fans will not be able to be there for my first game, because I feel like they would have given me an incredible welcome. Even so, now the only thing that I want to play football, play with the team, and do my best individually and collectively so that we have a great season. "

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