Atlético keeps the Cavani route open ... even with Luis Suárez

The former PSG striker has been popular with the rojiblanco team since January. The plan was for one of the two Uruguayans to arrive, but when Morata left, it is no longer ruled out that both should do so.


Atlético has been looking for a striker since last summer (Rodrigo was close), so it has well tracked the market of scorers that it can access. Luis Suárez's option, already established, was put on the table as soon as it was known that Koeman did not have him, but there is another name that has been liked long before and whose path is still open: Cavani.

In the rojiblancas offices it is admitted that they would be operations with certain similarities. On the one hand, forwards for immediate, short-term performance (both are 33 years old); on the other, very high wages, but without the need to pay a transfer. Or that was the intention of Atleti with Suárez. But if for a few weeks it was understood that only one or the other could reach the Metropolitan, since Morata was fixed but Costa could leave, after the first's goodbye no door is closed. The Uruguayan duo is not crazy anymore. This second reinforcement only arises if Costa were to leave, for sport and economic reasons.Cavani still cannot find a destination

The meetings have been happening between the representatives of the Madrid club and those of Cavani. There were them in January, when things didn't end very well; And there have been them afterwards, even more so since the former PSG player became a free footballer on June 30. Almost three months later, it continues to be so, and not for lack of suitors. Atleti knows that the striker welcomes the Metropolitan's option and handles that card, because the other doors are closing on the ram.

After Morata left and without ruling out Costa's doing so, Atlético has accelerated in the market. La Liga starts on Sunday and the arrival of a top scorer seemed urgent. Suárez is already rojiblanco and now comes the second double unknown of the attack. Will Diego Costa leave? It doesn't seem easy. Who would come for him? Cavani continues to like it. And if not, Berta's sports direction looks to Dzeko, Luis Suárez (Watford) ... 444 444

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