Atlético and Luis Suárez are in negotiations for their future

According to Deportes Cuatro, the Uruguayan prefers to sign for the mattress box than for Juventus. There are already negotiations between both parties to consider their possible signing.


Luis Suárez is on Atlético's agenda, according to Deportes Cuatro. The Barcelona forward prefers to sign earlier for the mattress box instead of Juventus. In fact, there would already be negotiations between both parties. According to the aforementioned media, the Uruguayan would arrive free.

As AS reported, the name of Luis Suárez is not the only one that appears on the list of '9'. Lacazette, De Tomás and Cavani also like them in the entity. The case of the former is complex, the Frenchman welcomes signing for Atleti but he has two years left on his contract with Arsenal and his record is very high. De Tomás' operation is based on the fact that the Espanyol player is well regarded by the rojiblancos leaders, despite the fact that there was still no offer. While Cavani has not closed the door to Atleti.

To specify the signing of the striker it is vital that a striker comes out. Everything indicates that it will be Diego Costa. The Hispanic-Brazilian would release an amount of approximately 20 million euros in token.

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