Appointment at home with Bou advised

The champion arrives leading to León, but with Busto and Raga stuck after losing a victory in France: "I had a very bad time with my forearm."


Bou has already been warned. He started the TrialGP World Championship in France last week as usual, winning the first race with authority, but the next day things went wrong ... He finished third behind Busto and Raga, who was once again victorious and did something that didn't It had been seen since June 2018: leaving the champion without winning. Of course, there is an explanation for the low performance of the Montesa Honda. "In France I suffered a lot from my forearm and I had a very bad time, the pain comes from an old back injury", says Toni.

As a consequence, Piera's leader faces this weekend's event in Spain, but with the three separated by only two points at the top of the table. All of them, like Fajardo and Casales (who complete a totally Spanish Top 5), will race at home on Saturday and Sunday, specifically in the Leonese town of Pobladura de las Regueras and on their eight-kilometer course made up of ten zones by which will have to pass three times to complete each of the two races.

The calendar so tight that the coronavirus has left (Andorra will be playing next week) leaves little rest and that is bad news for Bou. "These days we are trying to recover physically to be in the best possible conditions, although the fact that there are three races in a row does not help much to reach 100%," he says. It does not catch him by surprise, before starting the World Cup he predicted that there would be no margin for error. And it has been seen that the others are on the move…

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