Ángel Casero will run for President of the Federation

Former cyclist Ángel Casero will stand for the elections of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, according to the applicant himself.


The ex-cyclist Ángel Casero will stand for the elections of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, as reported by the candidate himself, who intends a profound renewal of Spanish cycling. The Valencian professional ex-cyclist - winner of the Vuelta Ciclista a España, the Tour del Porvenir and champion of Spain - bases his project on a profound transformation and a determined commitment to promote cycling in all areas.

Under the motto "In search of excellence", Casero is convinced of the need for a change to improve and modernize cycling in Spain, which is why he prioritizes the renovation of the current structures. "There is much to do and improve." According to Casero, cycling is "a popular and deeply rooted sport in Spain, but it is very far from what should be an adequate operation" and in that sense one of the highlights included in his candidacy is to achieve an increase in the number of federative licenses, as well as protecting federated cyclists with better coverage. "Cyclists of any level and modality must feel protected," he says.

Ángel Casero, who is currently the general director of the Vuelta Ciclista a la Comunidad Valenciana, also emphasizes the need to increase the number of schools to improve the cycling base, as well as provide them with the necessary means and, at the same time , is committed to the creation and professionalization of specific commissions in each discipline to improve and grow this sport in a sustainable way. Among her proposals, the consolidation of women's cycling stands out, which, in her opinion, "is already a reality", but which requires greater support.

The candidacy he is leading also includes in its program integration into the European collaboration program "EuroVelo", as well as the launch of training courses to improve the level of all levels: technicians, referees and organizers, among others. Ángel Casero, who recovered the Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana after eight years without being held, also believes that it is convenient to bring the Federation closer to the world of cycling and that this proximity generates a more fluid communication. "The Federation must be close and not operate away from the people," he pointed out.

Another of the main lines of his candidacy is the implementation of a program that contributes to the search and implementation of sponsorships, a fundamental issue in the sport of cycling. "You have to generate resources and know how to make them profitable, attracting investment to the world of cycling is key," added Casero, who is convinced of finding the majority support among the estates that participate in the elections to the presidency of the RFEC.

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