Ana Carrasco premieres her documentary 'Ride your dream'

The film, available for free on Rakuten TV, tells of the Murcian's beginnings on motorcycles and how she became the only female FIM world champion.


This Thursday the documentary about Ana Carrasco, the only rider to be a World Champion in an FIM category, premiered in the SSP300 of the Superbike World Championship. An achievement that is achieved, in the words of the protagonist, "with work and passion for what you like" .

AS chatted with Carrasco during the promotion of his documentary 'Ride your dream', which is now available for free on Rakuten TV, a few days before his accident, during training sessions in Portugal, in which he fractured two vertebrae that will make him miss the rest of the season. Bad and unexpected news for the Kawasaki rider, up until then in the middle of a battle to revalidate her 2018 title. At the time of the talk, the Murcian was happy for her sporting performance and for the premiere of the documentary that tells her story until Get to savor the honeys of triumph: "The truth is that I am very happy with the result, because at the beginning I had many doubts, about whether everything was going to be well told, if something would be missing or if someone could even be interested in my life."

Because in part the film tells the beginnings of Ana Carrasco and her passion for motorcycles since she was little, something that makes the pilot "excited" and also hopes that it can help increase the presence of women on the grills: " It is true that there are very few riders, but the base is also growing. I do not know if this documentary will serve to give a boost to all those girls who want to start or are starting on motorcycles. It is a way of giving visibility to women inside But what is really important is the message we want to show. If I have been able to become a pilot, to compete in the World Championship and have managed to win a World Championship, everyone can achieve what they want with work and passion. And that can be extrapolated to any area. "

A work recipe that you will have to self-apply in your recovery process after the operation on September 15, which will take you off for about three months. One more difficulty in the path of this pioneer, who recognizes that in the world of racing it is not all joy as seen on the podiums: "In the documentary you see the most personal Ana, not the pilot Ana. You see the moments of difficulty that we pilots and team go through. It is the least known face, my day to day with my anger, not just the cheerful and laughing Ana that people know. In short, the life of a normal person. We are not only pilots Before, we are people with the same tastes and hobbies that anyone could have ".

The protagonist herself did not forget her followers and through her social networks reported that she is still recovering in the hospital and that everything is going well:

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