Ana Carrasco fractures two vertebrae after falling in a test

The Murcian suffers a strong accident in Portugal and has fractured vertebrae D4 and D6, but "moves all the limbs".


Unexpected and very bad news for Ana Carrasco. The Murcian has fractured two vertebrae after suffering a hard fall on Thursday morning during tests in Portugal. The official Kawasaki Racing account was in charge of announcing it on their social networks and the most important thing is that there is no need to regret more serious consequences because they ensure that Ana has mobility in all her limbs, in fact, the pilot herself has echoed her same of the publication of the brand for which it runs in SSP 300 from 2017.

This is how Kawasaki announced the incident: "Ana has suffered an accident while doing a test and has fractured vertebrae D4 and D6. She is conscious and receives expert treatment in a hospital in Portugal. She has some pain in her back, but she moves all of them her limbs and she has sensitivity throughout her body. May you get well soon Ana ". We will see how Ana recovers from this fall and the deadlines for her recovery, at the moment she is admitted to the Sao Francisco de Xavier Hospital in Lisbon.

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