An uncertain Sunday for Sainz

The free McLaren promises in Sochi, but the change in conditions on Saturday offers doubts. "I will have it clear in the warm-up laps," he says.


In Formula 1 all parameters are measured because even the wind direction can change the trend of a weekend. In McLaren they were comfortable, they were aiming for the second row, but a drop in temperatures plus the arrival of the wind limited Carlos Sainz's chances in Q3. This Sunday (1:10 p.m., Movistar) will start sixth, it is not a bad place to fight for the places of honor against Sergio Pérez (Racing Point) and Daniel Ricciardo (Renault), and that the Australian is one of the fittest drivers of the season.

What career do you expect? Better to wait, he replied to AS: "It will depend a lot on the track conditions and our situation. After free practice I would have been more confident when it came to fighting the Renault, Racing Points and Red Bulls. But conditions changed. a lot, there was more wind, a tailwind entered the first sector and our car was no longer in the window, we suffered with balance ". "If the track is like Saturday morning, we will have the opportunity to progress in the race. If it is like in qualifying, we can finish the same as we will start. In the warm-up laps I will see how it is and adjust my expectations a little in function of the sensations ", adds the Madrilenian, eleventh in the World Cup but with the determination to overcome in a year full of external incidents.

"There is a dirty side, more than usual"

On the exit, the dirty area does not seem a good ally. "There is a dirty side here, this year more in particular, I noticed it when I was trying to overtake cars on the starting laps. There is a lot of dust that kicks up. I think it will not be the best place to start, although I do like sixth place. We'll see what I can do. " But the slipstreams will make the first straight long and the possibility of gaining positions exists, especially considering that the McLarens tend to start better than their direct rivals.

Sainz does not carry the same aerodynamic configuration as Norris, his partner, because there were not two sets of parts of all the components to be released in Sochi, reported this medium. The pilot confirms that he tested the wing, but has hardly any references: "I tested the wing one lap in FP2 and I didn't notice a big difference. But everyone seems happy with it. I couldn't draw conclusions. It was okay, I guess at Nurburgring. we can talk about my feelings ".

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