An Anunoby triple winner changes the Raptors-Celtics series

The Celtics promised them happily after holding the Raptors in for the entire game and dreamed of going 3-0, but OG Anunoby decided not to.


The Celtics lacked five tenths to put the current champion, the Raptors, on the ropes. They had two victories at the start of the series and were already savoring the third, but in five tenths you have time to hit and miss; one team did one thing and the other the opposite. From leaving these conference semifinals seen for sentencing to now open a range of hopeful possibilities for Toronto, which sees that the predictions that gave him as a favorite and glimpsed a domain similar to the one they had last year with Kawhi Leonard in the squad were not fulfilling.

It was not Leonard but another forward, the one who actually replaced him in the formation being already last year, the one who took the biggest prize. Londoner OG Anunoby missed all 2019 Playoffs, the historic ones for Toronto, due to an operation for appendicitis. Eager to experience the sensation, what better than a triple on the horn to add and breathe a vital air to the Raptors, who are encountering many problems against the Celtics who seem to have taken the measure of the current champions.

The script was more similar to the first than the second meeting. The Celtics knew how to keep the Raptors at bay and keep them behind on the scoreboard until after the break. And a curious phenomenon occurred in both of them: the two point guards, Walker and Lowry, began smeared with electricity and wisdom in the driving position to, as the minutes pass, let the franchise players, Tatum and Siakam, they will take over and they will begin the actions in attack. Here came the discordant point, since during the series that has been Nick Nurse's workhorse and, on the other hand, Jayson Tatum has felt tremendously successful in such tasks. And Walker and Lowry, especially Lowry, acted as executors rather than directors. And if Walker had decided in the second, Lowry was the one who left his people alive for someone else to do the trick.

The burly Philadelphia point guard did not shy away from responsibility when asked. The Celtics had let the Raptors get into the game midway through the third quarter, even putting themselves ahead when they had lost by ten, but in the decisive moments that role of playmaker in which he put a misguided Tatum facing the Aro (5/18) provided points to the Greens from Jaylen Brown (19 + 12). Every day one comes out and Brad Stevens gives him life. Upon reaching the last two minutes of the meeting, after a war in which everything was drawn, the Celtics took four points ahead and Lowry appeared, and yes, with the complete package: I cook it, I eat it. Two of his trays and a very complicated one from Fred VanVleet, who contributed 25 points, left the Raptors up until poor coordination on defense and a pass where there was almost no gap gave Theis crushing the rim with five tenths to go and putting the Celtics to sing victory. But Lowry had one more service to do for the country: give the winning pass. Nurse's board worked, blocking by Marc Gasol, and the Celtics, with the 2.54 wingspan of Tacko Fall annoying, failed to leave only OG Anunoby on the opposite side of the serve, reaching the drone ball and going out of his hands quickly so that he would get in and this 103-104 change the course of the tie.

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