Alonso made it possible

Fifteen years ago, Fernando allowed us to leave the land of dreams to enjoy a magical reality: a Spanish F1 world champion.


We looked at Formula 1 as one does with the stars. Dazzling but unattainable. I belong to a generation that became fond of motor racing with Fittipaldi, Lauda and Piquet, first; with Senna (my great idol) and Prost, a little later. Later, as Spaniards, we got excited about Campos, Pérez-Sala, De la Rosa or Gené, although due to the lack of means or talent, the flash of enthusiasm was short-lived. Until he arrived. His first podium, his first victory, his first title. Just fifteen years ago today, Fernando Alonso allowed us to leave the territory of dreams to enjoy a magical reality: a Spanish Formula 1 world champion. There is nothing. His success was that of a whole country, accustomed to triumphs on motorcycles but oblivious to this sport of aliens.

I have a bad memory, it is good to assume it to avoid more misjudgments than necessary. However, I imagine that like everyone else, some moments remain forever etched in my memory and with a clarity that never ceases to amaze me. That September 25, 2005 is among them, the exact moment in which Alonso crossed the finish line of the Brazilian GP in third position to become F1 champion. I think I held my breath for the minute or so that that last lap lasted, closing my eyes for seconds to avoid seeing that Renault standing on the edge of the track. It didn't happen and the next thing I remember is being up on an AS table (luckily in that Newsroom the sport is lived with passion), screaming and with my arms raised. As if I had won. Because actually I did, I'd say we all won. Thanks again, Fernando…

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