Adrián dressed as Chimy

Osasuna has beaten Cádiz (0-2) with two goals. Adrián, substitute for Chimy, made the first with a great definition. Rubén García put the finishing touches on 80 '.


In the absence of Chimy ... well, it's Adrian. Osasuna has taken the three points from Carranza (0-2) with a victory in which he took advantage of two local errors. Adrián scored first, with a perfect definition that Chimy Ávila himself would have signed; and ten minutes from the end, Rubén García made the second in a new defensive error by the hosts.

Both teams came out with very depleted eleven. On the local side, the most significant loss was that of Álex, (who started on the bench after having little shooting), the player who gives criteria to the yellow game. Osasuna, for his part, was very touched in the attack. Without Chimy, seriously injured, or Gallego, with discomfort, it was Adrián who started as a reference.

The visitors were the ones who came out the best planted, with the rear ahead and putting long balls in search of the back of the rival defense. Cádiz, somewhat shy, waiting behind but with almost no option to go out on the backlash. Osasuna didn't have to do much to open the can. The visitors took advantage of an error in the yellow ball exit to score. Sergio fell asleep before a splendid Oier. The midfielder stole in the opposite field and assisted Adrián in depth, who against David Gil masterfully defined with a subtle touch of the instep. It ran the minute 10.

Cadiz tried to respond after the rival goal and did so with three occasions from Pombo, the best of the yellows during the first half. In the first two he took advantage of two shipments from Espino and Salvi and both ended up outside; and in the third, the clearest one, a play was made from the right wing with a subsequent shot that made Herrera intervene.

The second started with a slightly better Cádiz, but without continuity; while Osasuna dedicated himself to saving the rent. Malbasic entered for Bosiger, who in his first play already showed more desire than the French. Cadiz squeezed and had it from a set piece. In 61 ', Iza tried her luck with a long shot that made Herrera intervene. Cádiz felt more comfortable and Perera knew it, that is why he determined the entry of Álex and Jonsson.

It was then that Cádiz began to play something else, a version more similar to what it offered in the first leg of the season in Segunda. However, when Cádiz was better, Osasuna's lace arrived ... and again after another defensive error. Throw-in that Torró prologues and after receiving Rubén, he dodges his back with a good turn and beats David Gil. Ten minutes to go.

The game did not give for more. Cádiz needs to finish building the team between now and October 5 when the market closes, while Osasuna, despite the losses, continues to amaze and demonstrate that the tenth place achieved last season was not by chance.

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