Acceleration to Operation Exit Madrid: James, Mariano ...

The club's priority was to lighten the number of chips, reduce the salary mass and make money due to the economic crisis. Bale's departure, the biggest problem.

It is not as exciting as those 'Summerianas' of many names and several prestigious additions, but at Real Madrid they begin to smile with the current transfer market. The main objective of these months was not to buy, but to sell and reduce the number of chips, and the passing of the weeks is feeding the coffers (they go about 70.5 million euros in income) and clearing the board.

The most economically beneficial move is that of Achraf, to Inter for € 40M plus 5 in variables. Six other players have also left money: Óscar (€ 15M for 75% of his rights) has gone to Sevilla; Javi Sánchez (€ 3M for 50% of his rights), to Valladolid; De Frutos and Dani Gómez, (€ 2.5M for 50% of the rights of each one), to Levante; Baeza (€ 2.5M for half of his pass), to Celta from Castilla; Alberto Soro, who has not worn the white jersey either in Castilla or in the first team, to Granada for about € 2.5M, with Madrid keeping a right of first refusal.

It has also worked with respect to those transferred. Villarreal will pay € 2.5M for Kubo, which could be € 5 with the goal bonuses; Vallejo has renewed his loan at Granada; Reinier will do a two-year Eramus in Dortmund; Luca Zidane was given the letter of freedom after testing in Racing and with Areola, who arrived from PSG in 2019, the relationship was not extended.

Bale and Mariano, hot potatoes

But activity is still expected at the Bernabéu departure terminal. There is little left for two footballers: Brahim lands today in Milan and his loan for one season will be made official, while the announcement of the new transfer of Ceballos to Arsenal is pending only the review of the contracts and the signatures.

In addition, James and Borja Mayoral are more out than in. The Colombian has permission from the club, which wants to get rid of his emoluments (€ 16M gross), until tomorrow to clarify his fate, which except for surprise will be Everton. It is an imminent purchase promoted by Ancelotti and about € 25M will be entered after reaching a commitment until 2023 with the coffee grower. Mayoral, who has aroused the interest of Valencia or Lazio, now has to be patient. In Mestalla they are prioritizing other positions, but he is the best placed to fill the gap that Rodrigo Moreno has left. Reguilón is looking for an assignment or a sale with a buyback option. Sevilla and the Premier want him.

From this point on, a traffic jam is feared: the Mariano and Bale folders worry the sports management ... With Mariano there is at least hope of a solution, with Benfica on the horizon. In Lisbon they want him and have reached an agreement with Madrid for a loan with an option to buy, but the forward is dragging his feet. As AS said, Madrid wants to get rid of the € 4.2M net of its file and those of Jorge Jesus expected Mariano to decide yesterday. Today there could be changes because Benfica is getting impatient ...

For Bale not even offers have come. His very high salary, some € 34M gross, together with his age (31 years) and his long history of injuries, complicate the matter. Furthermore, as AS explained on July 21, his intention is not to forgive a pound of his due for his contract, which expires in 2022 ... 444 444

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