Abalde and Alocén: two different debuts with Real Madrid

The two additions that Real Madrid has made this summer have debuted by winning the Endesa SuperCup but with very different performances.


Real Madrid has undertaken a small series of changes in a project that is still led by the same man, Pablo Laso, and with the same backbone (Rudy, Carroll, Tavares ...) as in recent years after staying out of the qualifying rounds for the title in the last bubble that the Endesa League devised in Valencia. Two have been the additions to the squad, not counting the rise of Boris Tisma from the subsidiary, to give a somewhat fresher air to a very well assembled but already veteran block: Alberto Abalde, for whom the most paid a million and half euros to Valencia, and Carlos Alocén, who comes from Zaragoza where he was already on loan. While waiting to see what happens with Facu Campazzo and his adventure in the NBA, these two rudder strokes are what Juan Carlos Sánchez, in charge of the section, hopes will be enough to continue adding titles in an already legendary cycle.

In the 2020 Endesa SuperCup, the first title of the new season, the madridistas have been able to test Sarunas Jasikevicius's new Barça and prove that they are still one point above the Barça project. After beating host Iberostar Tenerife in the semi-final, Barcelona fell to the Whites. Madrid wins the third in a row and the seventh overall, breaking the tie with the Catalan club.

However, there is still a lot of cloth to cut for Laso. The squad is very wide and with it he can play throughout a campaign that is presumed totally unpredictable, but what happened at Santiago Martín gives some clues as to how the next few months will develop for the two incorporations of the Alava coach to your group.

Alberto Abalde

He becomes decisive and from the first minute. He grew a lot with Valencia Basket last season, especially in the final stretch, and the quality was already proven and now it is only refuted. He shone on the outside line with Rudy Fernández and it seems that, since Carroll will continue to be the specialist with the short minute to unblock from the triple, he has displaced a Fabien Causeur who did not play minutes in La Laguna.

Abalde has the facility to catch the ball in three quarters, either in static or in transition, and go to the basket to score easy points. But he was also right on the outside shot: 3/5 in both games, 60% correct. Key that is strengthened in that regard. In defense he must be one of those who takes the initiative against the toughest opponents, be it guard, forward or even '1'. The Galician finished with a 13.5 rating in this SuperCup and is called to be one of the important ones, also to amortize what he paid for him.

Carlos Alocén

The electric base maño, still 19 years old, has not suffered the same fate as his partner. In his case, the chaos in the base position is what causes there to be ups and downs as pronounced as those of this SuperCup.

Alocén stood out in the semifinal against a rival still to be rebuilt and who came from seeing how one of his references in attack fell seriously injured a few days before. What is wanted of him is what he showed: vision of play in the open field, gallantry and a lot of quality in offense. It left a very good taste in the mouth. 9 points in 13 minutes of play. But Laso left him out of the call for the final, entering Nico Laprovittola in his place. Lapro was gray against Barça and Madrid missed Alocen's revulsion seeing the control exercised by Nick Calathes in the opposing team. It is assumed that Laprovittola and Alocén will alternate, along with sporadic appearances by Causeur and Llull, that position when Campazzo leaves for the United States to play in the NBA, but until that moment it is unpredictable if the SuperCopa situation with them will be repeated or will take a somewhat different path.

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