A triumph of VAR in VAR

Two monitor plays lead to Madrid's comeback in Seville. Ramos transformed the penalty that decided the duel. Jovic played and was invisible. Kroos was injured.


It was Madrid's a VAR de VAR victory. While life passes without Hazard, the team narrowly exceeded the bar as Zidane comes and goes. Suddenly he liquidated Vinicius and put Jovic in. His alignment was surprised, not the total eclipse of the Serbian. And with him and without him the game was what the scoreboard said. A Madrid of seesaw saved by video arbitration, which validated the 2-2 by an inch, denounced the expulsion of Emerson and advised a magnifying glass penalty by Bartra.

In view of the team's scoring baldness and gloomy market prospects, Zidane took to the bush: Benzema plus Jovic. It was a lost to the river. The general state of alarm was doubly alarming for the Serb, who smoked a lockdown in Belgrade with vice-criminal consequences, broke his foot jumping from who knows where, reappeared at a barbecue without a mask and ended up isolated by a friend's positive. In Seville he was invisible again. Without passion or participation. He is very close to exhausting his last life.

Without reaching that height, Pellegrini saw himself in them. Borja Iglesias, a stunning signing the previous summer, is dry and Loren smells like a transfer. So he put Sanabria, who returned from Genoa without laurels and with the air of a passing player. A minimal change against a Madrid that turned towards the vigor of Casemiro and Valverde at the expense of Modric and with two interiors on the outside that forced the sacrifice of Vinicius, that unfinished uproar that appears and disappears with Zidane. A team with more inner life and without more extremities than wherever its sides go. And with a rhomboid midfield that dressed Odegaard in the uniform of his size: hitch.

Takeoff and fall

The truth is that the duel started from the unexpected side: a rain of occasions between two teams that have boasted of reconstruction from behind. A goal disallowed by Benzema, an arrival by Mendy, a miraculous save by Courtois from Sanabria's header ... and the goal by Valverde. It was a rarity. Benzema made a vocational right winger play and the Uruguayan finished where he should be and Jovic is never there. And a minute later, Ramos was paranormally 0-2. Betis fed that vertigo with a very advanced defense and high pressure. A team ready to hit and receive. There it seemed he had worse numbers.

However, the trio of embroiderers Joaquín-Fekir-Canales put a lot of pressure on Madrid. In six minutes, he created three clear chances and rebuilt the figure with a creative and deep football, dislodging Zidane's team with a game from band to band. With two and a half points, Madrid lost the center of the field and conceded two goals in two minutes: a header by Mandi against a Casemiro hit on the ankle by a previous stomp from Emerson and a shoe from Carvalho who was not pursued as Odegaard should have. , again too shy. Madrid was reduced to Benzema, who is art and part.

A final screen

With restorative effects, Modric (due to Kroos's injury) and Isco arrived at the game. Before the game went through them, Madrid tied, Emerson's own goal sent by Carvajal. A possible offside of Benzema was scrutinized. And the trend of shirtless party was accentuated, broken on one side and the other.

And in those came the play that marked the end of the clash. Benzema put Jovic in front of Joel and Emerson took him down before the Serb entered the area. The VAR determined that there was no offside at the start and De Burgos sent the Brazilian out.

That shrunk Betis and moved Madrid. Zidane and Pellegrini reformed the vanguards: Mayoral by Jovic; Loren for Fekir. Quarry by portfolio. The second intervention of the VAR ended the lawsuit. Mayoral fought a ball with Bartra and this, in his fall, helped himself by the arm to deny the Madridista the shot. After the neo-regulation and the betraying screen, the thing ended in a penalty, transformed by Ramos to give Madrid a victory that relieves him but does not reassure him.

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