A thunderous silence

Except for Suárez and Vidal, friends of the Argentine and discarded by Koeman, no player, not even Piqué, has given his opinion on Messi in a gesture that denotes an institutional look, but also cracks.

With the exception of Luis Suárez and Arturo Vidal, whose bond with Messi is as close as his departure from Barça, no player from the first team, not even from his inner circle, has expressed any opinion about the Argentine player's affair with the Barça club. The interpretations are multiple, but the fact is irrefutable. Anyone can imagine the earthquake that would have originated if the dressing room had articulated a unique speech around Messi. But the booth has collected rows. Out of individual responsibility, out of respect for the institution or, who knows, if to avoid revealing unspeakable wardrobe secrets.

Especially significant has been the case of Piqué. Member of the closed circle in which Messi has moved these years, in contact since his youth days and much more after his return in 2008, the Catalan center-back, so inclined to give his opinion on any matter, has been silent since he offered to take a step in Lisbon to leave. This ordeal from Messi to the club has even allowed him to reflect on how far he should go to the power of a player without damaging the institution he loves. An ethical issue, hence how difficult it is to express an opinion. Busquets or Sergi Roberto, the other captains, have not talked about the Messi case either. With the first, the relationship suffered a distancing after Valverde's dismissal. Messi was hurt that he was accused of lowering his thumb to Txingurri when he understood that Busquets, hurt by his substitution the first day at San Mamés, had done to wear out the coach's figure internally and came out of the crisis unpunished. Only Sergi Roberto sent a message to Valverde after his goodbye.

The last unanimous message from the Barça dressing room was a retweet to the statement that Messi made on March 30 announcing the cut of 70% of the salary while the state of alarm was in force. But that within those four walls the thought was not unique, it becomes clear now that Messi wants to leave and there has not been a resounding closure of ranks.

Players with weight like Ter Stegen have also not gotten wet at an exceptional moment in the club's history. Neither level players like Griezmann. Not even Messi's 'subordinates' like Alba, who already have their thing with thinking about their future.

For young people, Messi has been a reference, but they have not expressed themselves either. There are only two possible interpretations of this matter. One, institutional prudence. The second option, which would make Messi worse, is that he did not have the backing of his teammates. That image of Pepe Costa, officially the team's team manager, who got on the bus with everyone but nevertheless only protected Messi, was not well seen for a long time in the Barca dressing room.

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